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09:36AM | 07/02/13
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Might anyone know where I can find this bracket support for a cabinet lazy susan?
Cabinets were installed in 1980 and I don't have any information as to maker. The unit rotates with the hinged door, there is no center pole, shelves are attached to the door unit. The part is warn causing the door to bang the side molding. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
Lazy susan 2

David, Moderator

09:41AM | 11/24/13
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You can try They are a hardware supply company...just might get lucky.
Good luck


07:57PM | 02/19/14
This is exactly what our cabinet looks like and we cannot find one. What did you do MacFudd?

David, Moderator

07:09PM | 02/23/14
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Did you try


07:14PM | 04/03/14
I'm looking for the exact same part. I tried Baer but coouldn't find it. Any idea where to find it?


08:12PM | 04/03/14
Here is a link to a photo of the part I'm looking to replace.


03:22PM | 10/01/14
Did anyone have any luck finding this part. I need to replace the same one.


11:38AM | 01/10/15
I have this same corner lazy Susan and it had the same mentioned problem, in that the upper pivot hole had worn oblong.

Not wanting to waste time locating a replacement, I took a piece of thin steel, drilled a .313" hole to fit the hanging pin, and JB-Weld epoxy the piece atop the pivot flange (after roughening both flange and 'washer' with sandpaper, then cleaning with IPA.

Once set overnight, I reinstalled the upper pivot (four simple wood screws, and the central pivot nut.

The screw on the spring is used to adjust the closing position, in or out, slightly,and the central pivot's grub screw is used to set the vertical spacing of the upper/lower gaps.

Once all replaced, works perfectly.


02:43PM | 07/24/17
Did anyone ever find replacement parts for this? I need the same pivot assembly.


10:01PM | 09/22/17
This was the first place I found a picture that looked like my cabinet. Thank you!

This site doesn't have original parts, but does have a repair kit and more information about the part:

Seems to have been the Amerock Turn-A-Shelf.


08:41PM | 04/05/20
I'm been looking for this part how can I order it


04:00AM | 04/26/20
This is the only guy on the planet who makes the repair kit for this. It's called a turn-a-shelf kit. I installed it over 15 years ago and it works perfect.


08:51AM | 08/09/20
Will the replacement part also solve the issue of the outter cabinet face dragging and thus preventing the unit turning unless by force?


06:16AM | 11/03/20
I would assume so. Like BV006715 I made a plate from a piece of scrap steel, though mine is bolted on. It works better than it ever has in the 16 years of us living here - it rotates all the way without any scraping. From reading it looks like the repair kit is quite similar.


07:00PM | 12/02/20
Looking for the spin around bracket for a 1980 lazy Susan


03:42PM | 04/28/21
I’m wondering if anyone here knows how to adjust this type of lazy Susan so that the door shuts properly?


05:18PM | 04/29/21
I am fixing to redo my kitchen and really wanted a lazy susan. But after reading this page and seeing how many went wrong....back to the measurements and shopping. Sorry your having trouble but thanks for the heads up.


04:20PM | 07/09/21
I have been trying to adjust mine all day
I do believe it needs a part replacement as I cant get it to adjust to fix the problem.


08:55AM | 07/11/21
I had the same problem with both my Amerock Turn-A-Shelf. I called stantheoldhardwareman, and the woman referred me to Hinges and Handles Osceola IN 574-674-8878. I sent mine to them and they rebuilt them both. Bob

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