11:25PM | 03/19/14
Help! We live in a condo that had new siding put on in August 2013. Ever since then, when the wind blows, there is a loud howling through our unit. We have an in-wall furnace next to that wall, it has been checked, but isn't the problem. Our maintenance man is stumped. This howling didn't start until the siding was put on. There are no holes visible. We are desperate!
Thanks for any suggestions as to what to do.


David, Moderator

09:44PM | 03/20/14
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Kind of tough to suggest without seeing or hearing.
Sounds like you have air entering someplace. Sounds like it might be a small opening since it is howling


10:27PM | 03/20/14
The maintenance man has worked all day trying to figure it out. We shut the furnace off, and he covered the entire back of it and the howling still persisted. No change in sound. The sound is like a "cow mooing": Long and low, when the wind is from s/sw at 10 mph. Pitch becomes louder and more intense, like a trumpet, when wind is above 10 mph. We had 40 mph gusts, and it was just screaming. Also, clothes dryer vent cover was changed, but that made no difference. And now this same noise is being heard in another unit. Both condos are on the second floor. All help is gratefully appreciated. All of the maintenance folks that have been here have said they would go crazy if they had to live with this noise!


02:26PM | 03/28/14
We are told the wind is blowing through the back of the furnace. Furnace companies won't help with any ideas as to what to do. The siding company said they will try to put a piece of siding up as a deflector. Everyone is telling us it is our problem, but no one will tell us who to call to fix it, or what to do to fix it! Please, any ideas?


02:39PM | 03/29/14
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Your house sounds haunted with this hawling effect of wind. Sometimes it is very scary especially when you are alone at home! It sends chills up spines by making the sound of a howling wind.


01:55PM | 03/30/14
I would hold whoever performed the work of installing the siding responsible for identifying the cause of the noise. If a homeowners association is involved, I would send them a certified letter demanding them to have the problem investigated.


10:06AM | 04/05/14
Thanks for trying to help us. Our furnace is an in-wall unit, no pipes. Fits in a frame, entire back has wire vent mesh, factory installed, so the entire furnace/ac unit just vents out the back. Siding people put up a frame to deflect wind. Furnace co. can't block back of furnace because fumes would go in our condo. Condo association say "they can't do anything to help us".

The frame to deflect the wind hasn't helped, except to change the sound slightly. Instead of a wailing "cow mooing" sound, we now have a sound like a power mower in the distance.

Our area has never had a high wind problem like in the last 7 months. Also, some dying trees were removed from the property next door, which must have acted as wind deflectors. We are now seriously talking about moving. Thanks for any help.


06:00PM | 04/08/14
Just talked with furnace manufacturer. Was told to have maintenance personnel check for rotted wood on building. Said the wind couldn't make that kind of sound hitting the furnace, there must be a hole in the wood frame outside.

The entire building has had insulation and siding applied over the outside. Is it possible there could still be a hole letting in the wind with the entire outside wall covered? Any thoughts from any contractors?


04:49PM | 05/14/16
Having the same issue. What ended up being wrong
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