03:56PM | 03/09/05
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I would say about 40-50% of the window is blown out.. the complete center .... the rest stays in tact... There are little shards along with a few larger pieces of glass on the floor ... no cubes.


08:38PM | 03/09/05
time to get the mfgr off of their butt and get you new window(s)...

tried to find that special that was on TV about windows doing this but didn't fair too well...

is the wiow sash square... Wonder if the payne was under compression.. the rest of the window that remains intact.. is it cracked and the sash holding it in place...

BTW.. little cubes ould have ment that the window was tempered..


01:18AM | 03/11/05
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To get new windows would be marvelous, but even to know what is causing this would be a blessing in itself... No help from the manufacturer... their warranty is on the frames and the mechanism but nothing on the windows.

You mentioned compression may be the problem... if that was the case..., would not the other window in the frame blow out or crack in some way as well? The windows that have exploded is an inside window of a dual pane sliding window.. in other words there are 2 panes of glass that make up each window- an outside and an inside window. Nothing happens to the outer windows.

There have been 3 different windows in 3 different rooms of the house at 3 different times do the very same thing- always the inside window.

The windows frames are rectangular in shape.

Appreciate your response..


06:39AM | 03/12/05
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Some/most window companies have a gas in-between the panes of glass for insulation, Argon is one that was commonly used. one problem that they had with this is that the argon would escape and not let anything else back in. this would cause a vacuum and suck the 2 panes of glass together, commonly referred to as "Collapsed Glass” most of the time you will see a oval of condensation in the middle of the glass in the winter time, sometimes the panes will touch and even break. I hope this helps, and depending on the brand, it should be covered under warranty.


08:20AM | 01/16/09
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i found these posts very interesting and helpful. i have also had 3 windows implode, 2 in cold weather and 1 in cool weather. the windows were installed in 1994 by sears to the tune of $12,000. the sales person never mentioned anything about exploding windows (ha,ha), but he did strongly suggest that we purchase the lifetime glass breakage warranty. i realize that these posts are from 2005, but i am wondering how big a problem these windows are. thanks for letting me vent.


05:46AM | 01/17/09
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We replaced the windows at our own cost (did we have a choice?) Since then there has been no problem. The company who installed the orginial windows never did get in touch with to check on why the glass would have exploded.

Have to wonder if they were a fly by night company and used a door to door salesperson.(The windows had already been installed when we purchased the house).

Someone along the line has mentioned that the frames may have been too tight not allowing the windows to expand or contract. Perhaps that is possible I don't know

Before I would buy glass breakage warranty, I would definitely be doing a lot of reading with a magnifying glass to see what they REALLY covered, or you could find yourself in the same boat as us.



01:47PM | 01/17/09
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i am a very cautious shopper, so i checked out the warranty coverage before buying. now that these 3 windows have imploded, i'm glad i bought it. we haven't had to pay for parts or labor. we purchased the windows from sears home improvement. they subcontract with manufacturers and installers. the warranty is lifetime coverage. it has payed for itself. as long as sears is in business, we are ok.


03:02PM | 01/26/09
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had another window implode today. called sears again and was told they were having a major problem with these windows. now they are telling me i will have to pay $150.00 per window for labor, because the company they subcontracted with (kensington windows) went out of business. so i guess that's my fault. so much for the lifetime full coverage warranty! thanks for letting me vent. BUYER BEWARE!


02:27AM | 09/05/16
Sure have! I put all Stank windows in my home in the late 90's. Spent loads of money and got a LIFETIME WARRANTY! HOW WONDERFUL! Then one day I almost had a heart attack when a window exploded! The outside pane shatters from center. Stank replaced window. Great! This happened time and time again....I was told by a technician that I unfortunately had a bad batch and to be ready for the others to explode some time! When I approached Stank and asked them to correct the problem and replace the others (by then almost 2/3 of my home windows had been replaced due to exploding) they refused! Daytime, nightime, summer, fall, winter, spring didn't matter! Had to do with the gas between the panes. Stank would only replace upon explosion! I am still having my windows explode and now they are out of business! Bought out by Great Day. much for lifetime warranties. Now I have to pay for installations! What a crock! Don't be fooled by lifetime warranties. I have worked in hundreds of homes over the years and have NEVER found another homeowner who has had windows exploding. Great Day said they bought out their assets but not their liabilities. Guess I'm one of their liabilities! I should have been a real PANE (pain) in Stanek's ___ and insisted on a whole home window replacement years ago! Now I'm ______! I have neighbors who have 30 year windows that don't even fog up! Be careful!
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