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10:06AM | 02/24/07
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HI, I'm in the market for windows but not sure of the better value between Renewal by Anderson that has a 10 warranty on all working parts and a 20 yr on the windows themself. Newpro has a 50 yr warr. on all parts including the windows but has not been around as long as Anderson. Anderson has the wood and Newpro has a man-made product that seems to be durable. Newpro has three panes with the argon gas and kryptic in the other and Renewal by Anderson has the 2 panes of windows with the argon gas in between. The price is about the same. Any thoughts of advice?




05:00AM | 02/27/07
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Triple pane glass systems do outperform double panes in tests. What kind of spacer is in both? Andersen uses PPG Interceptor, it's junk. I can't tell what Newpro uses between the glass without asking them. The warranty should tell you a lot. Wood windows are going to rot one-day, maybe not for a while but it is wood and it will eventually give way. That's why the warranty only gives ten on the wood. Can you live with fake wood? Does it look like real wood? Wood needs maintenance, the man-made doesn't. What exactly does Newpro call their man-made product? I've pointed out things that you should think about before making the decision. If Newpro is using Vinyl, there are window companies who make triple pane, vinyl windows that come with a lifetime warranty.

Value is piece of mind but it is hard to measure. How much are windows that will not give you any problems for 25 years plus worth? Wood will be lucky to last that long. Andersen has VInyl windows too. I'm not slamming them, just pointing out the problem with any type of wood window.


05:18AM | 02/27/07
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You had me interested so I looked up Newpro. I like their warranty for regular windows, I assume they are vinyl. Notice in their warranty only 10 years for Wood Grain Laminated interiors. I assume those windows they want to sell you are vinyl with a fake wood laminate inside. I would not get them.

What part of the country do you live, maybe I can steer you in a direction for windows. Is wood a must? If so you're only going to get 10 years warranty or pay an arm and a leg for man-made stuff that really looks like wood.


05:55AM | 02/28/07
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HI thanks so much for your reply. We live in the Northeast. Newpro does have the nice warranty but it's not vinyl or wood but a type of synth. material that seems durable. But I wasn't too impressed. Anderson has Fibrex which is a composite/wood type material that seemed more durable than Newpro but with only the 20 yr. I'm currently checking out Sequel ( a wood window with a 20 yr on it) and Simonton ( a vinyl with a life time on it) done through Home Depot. Newpro used Kypton and Argon between the glasses and Anderson uses Argon. I think either one would do well. The windows from Home Depot both were double pane with Argon gas. The price for the wood windows were 4200. including installation. Thats for 2 picture windows with a slider on each side (4 total sliders) and grids all throuout. A bit less actually then what Newpro, Anderson or Sears had to offer.

Thanks again:)



11:49AM | 03/01/07
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Andersen uses Cardinal glass packs in all of their windows, not ppg's Intercept. Cardinal is one of the best in the world and also makes Pella's glass packs, definitely not junk.

However, I'm not a big Renewal fan. Poor air infiltration test and a very high price.

On the east coast look up an Accurate Dorwin fiberglass window dealer. Their fiberglass windows will out perform anything on the market, and have real wood interiors like the Renewal and are paintable and available from the mfrg in 100's of colors. They have u-values as low as .09 in pic units..........definitely top shelf.


07:13AM | 03/02/07
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Hi, I'm still continuing my search for the right window for my home. Home Depot has a wood replacement window by Sequel that has a 20 yr warr on everything and a vinyl

by Simonton that has a lifetime war. on it. The price was less then Renewal by Anderson ( that I haven't heard very many positive things about Renewal though...) and Newpro has a composit window that seemed ok but again not much positve feedback on Newpro either...Has any one have had an experience that you'd like to share with HomeDepots windows? Thank you windowmann20 and angusyoung for all your valuable and helpful advice!



08:34AM | 03/10/07
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Hey there - we, too, just were quoted for Marvin, Renewal by Anderson, and then Sequel windows. We're probably going to buy the Home Depot ones. I want wood interiors and the Renewal of the verneer over the composite just doesn't do it for me. We had Home Depot put in an Anderson 400 series sliding patio door last summer and we are very happy with the result and the crew. When our Home Depot rep calls us back, we're going to tell him we're going with his Sequel windows -- and we'll wait until he can guarantee us the same crew.


12:58PM | 03/19/07
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Both Andersen and New Pro offer good windows. The New Pro window will save you more money over time. It all comes down to do you care for looks over results. If you want looks then pick the Andersen, for results pick the New Pro.

Did you look at the Pella replacement windows? (not the vinyl ones at Lowes)


05:05AM | 03/21/07
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Thanks for your reply. I've decided to go with sequel from Home depot. The windows appear to be a good compromise between Newpro and Renewal and the price was comparable.

Thanks again.



04:21PM | 10/13/07
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Hi, I was wondering if you did indeed get Sequel installed earlier this year and how you like them? We are trying to decide between Anderson Woodright (nice almost invisible bug screens) or Sequel (contruction seems a bit sturdier). The Sequel installed actually seems to run between $50 and $70 MORE per window than the Woodright installed, but the Sequel has better warrranty. Would be very grateful for details on what your experience with the Sequel is. Thanks! Azul.


07:10AM | 05/28/09
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If looks are a consideration, I like the Renewal look over the Newpro...there is very minimal glass loss (only .5") Also, I wasn't impressed with Newpro's sales tactics, as the rep was in my house for 4 hours!!! very pushy as well and got mad when I wouldn't make a decision on the spot, said that he had to pay his bills, etc. etc. Also, the fact that it's Andersen's best window and installed by their technicians goes a long way. I agree that they are expensive but I really only want to do this once in my life!


07:36PM | 08/09/10
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Does anyone have anything knowledge about Sequel wood windows and their quality from Home Depot?



05:11PM | 01/08/11
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I would say Anderson is definitely the way to go. My mother had Anderson windows for over 20 years and never had problems with leaks or drafts even the picture window.


05:31PM | 05/05/17
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It appears that Andersen and Renewal by Andersen is considered the same kind of window, judging by some of the comments that I am reading. My understanding is that they are not. Anderson is of a higher quality than Renewal by Anderson. Also, does Home Depot sell Anderson windows. I've been told that those are not the upper grade Anderson window, but a cheap second. Help me out boys! I need windows, 19 more of the south, where it gets hot!


10:08AM | 05/01/19
I am looking to replace 2 glass patio doors. Renewal by Anderson came in with a price of 36,000. Has anyone tried Newpro?

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