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07:57PM | 06/30/15
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We had my studio was built about 5 years ago but never finished it. Last summer we finally insualted/drywalled/painted it.
There has been this awful smell in it since last summer that will not go away! I've opened windows, put in fans, even tried vinegar but nothing gets rid of the smell. It gives me a headache to even sit in the room with the windows open. It's not a sulfur smell more like just a paint smell but really strong, even my spouse smells it and their sense of smell isn't too good.
I've been reading on this forum a lot of different reasons for smells and I'm not sure if they apply to me or not.
A couple of things may have happened. The drywaller told me I could paint a day after finishing. So I did. I went out and got new bullseye 123 primer and primed the new drywall.
Then I went into our basement and used the gallons of celing paint we had when we orginally built the bldg it was low VOC dutch boy celing paint about 4 years old.
I keep reading old paint separates the ammonia. Here's the thing, none of the paint smelled bad, it smelled like paint. But now i have a room I can barely stand to be in for ten minutes.
Did I paint too soon after finishing drywall? They sanded and did all that other stuff to it so I assumed it was dry. Is there a chemical reaction to the paints?


06:19AM | 07/01/15
Chinese drywall.There have been numerous complaints. Just google it you'll see.


01:32PM | 07/01/15
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It's not the chinese drywall. I checked. It's something in either the paint or primer. Not sure. ugh. But thanks!


10:45PM | 09/22/15
Find a resolution to this as i am going thru similar situation


04:45PM | 12/26/15
Not sure if you ever got it fixed, but we ran into a similar issue with some Valspar paint several years ago. We did everything, short of rip out the drywall. We assumed the smell was from bacteria and/or mold in the low VOC paint, which we were told is not that uncommon of an occurrence in low/no VOC paints. I finally found a company called Room Cleanser in Mooresville, NC who sold this kit that used chlorine dioxide. We set it off, sealed off the room and the next day it smelled like someone had dropped an ozone bomb. A day later the ozone smell cleared out and the terrible paint smell was gone!


12:28PM | 03/04/19
I’ve got the same problem, also using Valspa!


02:14PM | 08/26/19
Hi I am facing a similar problem and I was wondering if you have managed to get rid of the smell? I would appreciate your response


11:54PM | 02/28/21
Repainted with Kilz Restoration Primer, then Behr premium latex all bought at Home Depot. It's been a month and I can't stand to be in this house. Smells sweet chemicals with dust. No carpet and the furniture is new. I tried all the home remedies but nothing is working. Air is heavy and is giving my kids and I headaches and sinus issues. Help!!


10:55PM | 05/18/22
I had a similar paint odor problem in a seasonal/summer home for many years. When covid hit and this became our primary home , I had to do something to fix it. I came across a local painter that had experience with "wall odour phenomenon" and fixed it with the following: 3 layers of Zinsser Odorless Oil Primer (cost $50 per gallon around me) followed by 2 layers of semi gloss paint. Honestly semi gloss was not my preferred sheen but he said its stronger and is less pourous than flats and eggshell finishes.

He gave a day or 2 between layers of the oil primer and did the 2 layers of semi gloss paint in a day. The whole job was done in a about a week. There was lingering oil primer fumes that dissapated over the course of 4-6 weeks. I am so happy to have found this painter for a problem that existed since 2014. I hope this helps anyone reading this.


04:20AM | 05/19/22

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