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01:52PM | 09/08/17
I have a cabin built on a rocky slope and I want to add 4' onto the deck to get a semi wrap-around deck. The current deck runs south off the cabin in two sections. One is covered and there is a lower level (3 steps) to the open deck. To the west is the water and that's the direction I want to build.
At the outer extension, it will be 10' off the ground (see picture). The ledger will be 2x10 as will the deck rim joists. The actual joists will be 2x8's set at 16" centers. There will be a deck beam at the 3' mark from the ledger. All joints will be held with Simpson Strong Ties and the ledger will be bolted to the house rim joist as per code (the siding will be removed to allow the ledger to be bolted to the house rim and will have flashing, wrap, etc.). There will also be lateral load connectors spaced along the run. All wood is treated. The cabin and covered deck are supported on 8x8 posts, 10' centers, set onto concrete pads which are, in turn, on rock.
What I would like to do is run the deck beam supports down from the 3' mark to the support posts (see drawing). Either at 45 deg. or 48 deg. (which I am leaning towards). The supports would be bolted through on both ends. Using the 45 deg. angles the support would bolt in 3' down from the ledger and using the 48 deg. angle, the support would bolt in 40" from the ledger.

As near as I can figure, the support structure I described is far above requirements but always like different opinions.

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