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09:12PM | 04/21/18
I have an antique roll-top desk that once belonged to someone who was quite rich, so I know that it is a valuable high-end piece. The desk is 6' wide by 3' deep, and I believe that one would say that it has a C-curve rather than an S-curve. The tambour needs repair, as it is completely fallen apart. However, I've done a lot of reading and so far I can't find any reference to the way this tambour is assembled. Rather than having the slats glued to a large piece of canvas, or being wired together, this tambour has strips of cloth 3.5" wide, and they run through thin slots cut in the wooden slats. There are five such strips and five such slots in each slat. Then every other slat is attached to the cloth strips by tiny screws—two per strip, for a total of 10 screws every other slat. Has anyone ever seen or heard of this before?

The strips of canvas-like cloth have rotted and so the slats are coming apart. My thought is that if I use a material that won't rot, like a thin but strong webbing, the roll top will be stronger and last longer than if I get strips of canvas. The webbing strips are also pre-made in the width I need, which would make stringing the slats together much easier.

Am I crazy? Is this a bad idea? Can anyone point me to a resource about this type of roll top? Basically I'm interested in learning anything anyone can tell me about this desk and the best way to fix it. I'm a novice but I can't find anyone in my area with expertise.

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