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08:35PM | 05/07/20
I am doing a complete whole house remodel. Gutted the master bath and redesigned it with an architect. The plumber redid all the plumbing. Now we have moved into it and are having problems with the sewer line getting clogged and it is always at the same location. There is also an odor. The air vent has 8 fixtures on it and the plumber did a 45 degree pipe to connect to the existing vent. The vent serves 2 bathrooms including: 2 Kohler toilets, 3 sink, 2 showers and one tub. My plumber is saying my new toilets do not have the force needed to move the waste down the pipes. Also I have a free standing tub with an according drain which drains very slowly and when it drains sometimes it sucks the water out of the toilet. Any suggestions on how to figure out the issue? My plumber is also stating that there could be a problem with the old pipes that he connected to. I have had the pipe cleaned out 4 times in 2 months.


10:12AM | 05/08/20
I also ran water down the air vent to verify that it was not clogged. I could see the water run thru it and down into the pipes because we had a camera in the pipe at the time. Anyone have any thoughts as to what is wrong.


11:38AM | 05/09/20
I'm not a plumber and I don't play one on TV but I would say you have a vent problem. The flexible drain is not a good idea. The ribs tend to hold grime and gunk and with repeated plunging start to leak.


07:59AM | 05/21/20
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I have been a master plumber since 1980 and also published 3 books(You can call me Mike1980). It sounds like you have a very unsanitary plumbing situation. Your home is exposed to whatever living organisms live in the sewer. Usually, municipal sewers are more dangerous than private "septic" systems.Please find a local properly licensed master plumber to carefully inspect your drain, waste and vent (DWV) system. DWV systems must be properly installed to avoid leaks and to maintain the "trap seal" (extremely important water in every trap). Your frequent stoppage problem could be another indication of extremely poor DWV design and installation. Never trust anyone other than a trustworthy master plumber to design DWV and other plumbing.A real (varfied) journeyman plumber should be able to install the system and it should be properly inspected by local government inspectors. Most blue prints and other ("Riser Diagrams")designs I saw in Virginia and Washington D.C. had to be redone by me or another master plumber. Please be aware, sometimes you should get a plumber's license number and check to make sure that it is real (In Virginia, you can do it online). I am sorry I can't provide a simple answer and can't type enough to focus properly on all the out-of-focus things you mentioned. Too many fixtures would usually require that you use all fixtures at the SAME time. Judging by what you wrote about odor, leaks AND most importantly, water sucked out of the toilet, too many fixtures on a vent pipe seems to be the least of your worries!


09:25PM | 05/21/20
Sounds like the pipes are not properly angled to allow pipes to properly drain.


02:16PM | 05/24/20
Venting issue. If the draining tub sucks water from a toilet, then it ISN'T sucking air from a vent. Also, I'm betting that the poor venting is allowing tubs/toilets, etc to suck P or S traps dry, allowing odors to get in.

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