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03:55AM | 07/03/04
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HI, I have a very expensive head and footboard, made of solid oak, about 10 years old, and with the slightest movement it squeeks horribly at the headboard where the vertical meets the horizontal. NO JOKES HERE Any advise for fixing this irritating problem? I've tried spraying Pledge oil into the joints where they meet but to no avail.




06:00PM | 07/06/04
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You can buy powdered graphite lubricant at just about any hardware store.

You puff some into the grooves that hold the frame and your squeaks should largely disappear.


05:58AM | 07/09/04
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No jokes here.

What you could also do, as was done on the headboard I own....which is an older decorative style one with a shelf and 2 personal sized cabinets on either side and lights inside of them...was up under the shelf area, I was able to drill a small hole on either side and secure it to the wall by screwing into the studs. Or if you are unable to find the studs in the wall...use the plastic wall anchors that you tap into the hole in the wall, and then proceed as normal.

Works great, and you will soon find yourself enjoying many squeekless nights.


08:49AM | 07/11/04
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I can't think of any jokes today so I'll just remind you that tools that don't get used often enough tend to grow rusty and start to sqeek.

Seriously now, The solution depends on why the squeek is there. Even tho expensive, thius may still be qa production item and is assembled with metal hardware and/or hidden bolts. Those bolts may have simply loosened up over time, ( I can't think how that would happen either) and there would then be movement between wood/wood and between wood/metal. If so, then finding the caps, exposing the bolts, and tightening them may solve the problem.

I don't think that I would use graphite. That would be a rather dirty practical joke in and of itself, since you would find black graphit stains on all your bedclothes and sheets.

If the kind of joint asks for lubrication to hide the squeek instead, I would find spray cans of Boshield B-9 or Slip-it which are available at woodworking stores and are thin spray waxes. You might need to drill a tiny hole the size of a swizzlestick at the joint to insert the spray extension tube and get planty of the wax down inside the joint.

Another option would be for a good wood worker to spread the joints apart and glue them tight back together with clamps. Of course, if you have already filled the wood pores with wax, he would then need to sand and scrape to remove that wax or suck it out with naphtha to allow the glue to get into wood pores and get a good grip to tighten up the joints.

If it is a glue failure and yuou are sure of that, there are glues ( One is called Chairlok) that can be seeped into the joint and will swell the wood while firming the joint up.

All of the above after my rusty tool comment are serious suggestions, not jokes. So after all this talk of wood, bolts, wax, lubrication, etc, aren't you glad for the internet?

Excellence is its own reward!


05:03AM | 07/12/04
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You all crack me up...thank you for being so "delicate" with my bed problem.

I'm going to try the last suggestion and let you know...I think I'll go without drilling a hole though. There's a space between the vertical and horizontal of the headboard that I think I can get some spray into.

Will fill you in shortly...



11:10AM | 07/19/04
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When can we start the jokes?

I wish I had a squeaky headboard.



08:37PM | 09/28/04
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I've been looking for a source for Chairlok for some time. I just entered a Google search, and this is where it took me. Anybody know where to buy this stuff ? ( I bought some a long time ago, but I can't remember where. Good Stuff!) ~Ed


11:37PM | 01/28/15
Is good to read the above post and replies. But here in India, cannot get any decent waxes. Any other suggestions?

Presently awaiting registration confirmation for this site, so I will be back soon.


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