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04:12PM | 10/27/06
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My cabinets are about 10 years old and have never had a good cleaning. (other than the normal spray cleaners) They are "run of the mill" white cabinets. Over the years they have "yellowed" What can I use to get them back to white? The "orange" products do not work. Vinegar and water cleans them but does not restore them to white.


12:33PM | 09/12/11
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have you used any kind of bleaching products?


12:37AM | 09/14/11
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White laminate cabinets yellow due to sun exposure. Try scrubsoft with bleach and a nylon sponge scrub brush. If that doesn't work, you can dab on bleach water, leaving it for a few minutes and then rinsing it with a mild soapy water. Don't leave it on very long.


12:07AM | 10/13/11
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Clean it with nylon sponge scrub brush...Good Luck.

Else contact to


12:23PM | 11/28/11
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I'm with the consensus on bleaching cabinets. It's one of the very first tricks I learned working for a company that does refacing cabinets in Ohio and other areas. Just make sure the water you're using isn't scalding hot because it could strip certain areas of the wood.

Or if you have a little extra time, you could always sand over the damaged areas and apply some fresh oak finishing.


05:20PM | 12/29/11
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That is a problem with laminate cabinets. Bleaching can help if done properly, but the problem can re-appear.


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07:37PM | 07/04/12
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bleach products are going to be one of the only options. You could always repaint it.


04:53AM | 01/28/13
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I think you should take help from good house cleaning company because they are professionals and they know how to do effective cleaning.


10:33AM | 03/05/13
Even though they were built on sight I have run into times where some guy used the senvlihg as the wall to divide 2 rooms but the house is too young for that so that is probably not the case. Take a hammer and a prybar to remove the senvlihg. That is the only way to find out.


02:22PM | 03/05/13
They are nailed it and they were built on site.You just need a good pry bar and hmamer and wear leather gloves and some eye protection and tear them up.


04:42AM | 03/08/13
With wood flooring, its betetr to install the cabinets 1st as not to even take a chance of scratching the floors. Just boost up the cabinets 3/4" as not to lose toe kick space. This is very true if some one else is installing the cabinets. Not so bad if your doing the cabinet installation, you ll take care. If your doing all the work, you can install the wood, just know where your new ones lay out and you can put wood just where cabinets, stove and refridge are going. Or just waste some wood and do the whole floor. Done it all these combinations for 20 years. Any questions you can e mail me through my avatar, GL

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