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06:39PM | 06/23/02
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The church I attend had a terrible mishap occur recently. An electrical appliance caused a short circuit (the electrical outlet was melted and merely touching the metal part caused a mild shock!) which has affected, literally, everything that was plugged in. The microwave doesn't work, stove doesn't get hot, frig/freezer doesn't get cold, computer doesn't work, entire PA system shot, etc.........what I'm trying to understand is how this short circuit or whatever happened caused all this damage without tripping their fuses? I want desperately to avoid this problem in the future...not only in church but here at home. Any help appreciated and thank you in advance.




09:21AM | 06/24/02
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Are you sure it was a short and not a lightning strike?
When you say all the appliances don't work, could it simply be that the circuits are dead and are not providing power to those appliances? It's unlikely that a short would have wiped out all those appliances. Try plugging one into an outlet in another building to be sure.
Important: If a short really did the melting/burning that you describe, and no fuses or breakers blew, then the wiring in the building was done incorrectly and is unsafe. Better get that checked out by a qualified electrician. It could be what caused the problem to begin with.

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10:00AM | 09/11/02
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Sounds like lighting to me too. Might call your insurance company and have it checked out. They even paid for an electrician to check out my service panel for damage.


10:23AM | 09/12/02
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Here's a thought.... Perhaps one side of the main breaker or fuses blew. Stove needs 240VAC to operate. If one side of main goes then you have only 120VAC. Then only half of all outlets would work and the other half would be with no power.

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