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06:22AM | 09/24/09
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Could anyone tell me why and if it could be fixed if water is leaking from the unit and some drains into the bucket and the whole bottom of the unit over the bucket is wet. There is water in the little "bucket type float" on the other side and that is where the water is running onto the floor.

It is a Surround Air (believe me, it is the best out there and can not get another anymore). I have had it for over 4 years now and never had a problem. It is lightweight, super quiet, easy to empty bucket with sturdy handle, low elec. consumption, keeps the humidity to a little below 50% in a 2500 sq. ft. area. There are just none camparable out there....I have tried to find one since this happened but there is something wrong with every make and model and this one had NO negatives at all. I paid about $189 for it online and it seems about the price of all other makes that do not last more than 18 months and have many problems.

Please let me know if you have any ideas as to what is wrong. I tried calling a repair guy who wants to charge $95 to come look at it and said since it is not a "name brand like Whirlpool, etc. he probably can't fix it BUT it could be something easy...however I don't have $95 to throw out and he seemed to have an attitude. (I offered to bring it to him but he said that is not how he works).

Thank you for any help as the humidity is about 70% right now and since I had mold problems in the past I don't want them again.


09:57AM | 09/24/09
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** There is water in the little "bucket type float" on the other side and that is where the water is running onto the floor. **

Maybe the evaporator coil is sweating/frosting where it shouldn't be? Maybe there's a drip tray that has cracked and is no longer funneling the moisture properly?

Someone would actually have to look at it to see what might be the problem.

** tried calling a repair guy who wants to charge $95 to come look at it **

Have you checked if there is a local service depot you could take the unit to for inspection? It might save a little bit on the cost of service.


Dan O.

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11:12AM | 07/06/13
For smaller annoying leaks: Go to WalMart. Buy a large plastic lid from one of the large plastic storage tubs they sell. This lid has about a 1" ridge around it. Set your dehumidifier on this lid. The lid will catch the annoying overflow water. When you occasionally empty the dehumidifier, empty this lid as well.


09:29AM | 07/07/15
sounds like the drain hole is plugged with lint or whatever, remove the bucket and look for the drain hole above it.. use a pipe cleaner to clean it out... works for me..


01:24PM | 07/08/15
The comments here were so helpful. I removed the front panel; just 2 screws out and it popped right off. I found the drain hole and as soon as I inserted and removed a q-tip the water started to drain out. A small glob of goo was the problem. So relieved I don't have to make a purchase. Thanks for saving me about $179-$200 dollars.


01:36PM | 07/30/15
Thanks! That worked great!!!! $200 worth of thanks.


10:28PM | 09/16/15
another satisfied customer. thank you so much!


09:43AM | 03/28/16
Seriously, these are great comments/ideas.
I've been looking all over and only found sales pitches and irrelevant garbage until I hit this link.
Much appreciated.


10:31PM | 03/30/16
Thanks! Used a Q-tip to clean out the little elbow where water drains into the bucket and it was fixed immediately.


12:46PM | 06/23/16
Yet again this site can't be beat! Looked up many other sites and had no luck. Came here, undid a few screws on the dehumidifier so I could get to the drain tube. I didnt have any pipe cleaners and because of the way the drain tube is positioned I couldn't even get a Q-tip inside of it to clean it out so I used compressed air. Worked like a charm! No more leaking!


02:26PM | 06/23/16
Love these ideas and this site. Came here before I started taking mine apart. Will report back.


04:46PM | 08/21/16
Ditto! A Q-tip may be my cheapest repair yet. Thank you!


09:19AM | 08/29/16
Thanks for the tip! Had the same issue here. Blew some compressed air into the drainage elbow and out popped a compressed lint-like object the size of a vitamin capsule followed by about 2 cups of water. Problem solved! Thanks again!


11:35AM | 04/30/17
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08:02PM | 09/15/17
Awesome !! Thank you so much for the advice, the Q-tip did the trick and no more water leaking !! I am so happy I found this site !


11:08AM | 07/08/18
Awesome, thank you so much! Cleaning the drain hole helped me so much!!!


11:27PM | 06/05/21
Thank you to the good people who took the time to make comments RE leaky dehumidifier! The leader hose was plugged with sludge which I blasted out with the garden hose in the driveway and also cleared the drain with several Q-tips. I am a single-parent and it's threads like these that help me learn about home ownership and save from wasting money. Thank you all. ae


10:55AM | 06/15/21
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