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06:26PM | 12/04/01
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I'm having a home built in another state and frequent visits by me [a novice] to watch the progress of contruction will not be possible. The builder has built a number of communities and has an excellent reputation. A few people have suggested that I might want to employ a "certified" inspector to make 3 to 4 visits while the building progresses. This will cost several hundred dollars and I'm not sure this is $ well spent. I know there are municipal inpections during the important stages of construction such as laying the slab, electrical,etc. What are your opinions on this issue? Thanx

Jay J

04:02AM | 12/05/01
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Hi fish,

I STRONGLY recommend you pay the few 100 $$$s to hire someone to look after YOUR interests. I know about the Municipal Inspector but his 'priority' is building code. You need to ask yourself - Who is making sure the builder is doing what I want done. Who is making sure that he's following the plans? Who's making sure that the builder isn't using cheap material??? (And so on ...)

Kinda look at it this way - You're going to be paying 100's of 1000's of $$$ over the next 15-30 years for a mortgage. So for now, spending a few 100 $$$s for some peace-and-mind, man, what are you thinking???

Go find yourself an ASHI-Approved Home Inspecto that will look after YOUR interests. Be SURE your Inspector was a Builder or an Engineer or something like that before he became a Home Inspector. (Yes, there are ex-school teachers and ex-truck drivers out there that took these over-night courses to be a HI. Geesh!!!) At least visit the above WEB site for How-To-Choose A Home Inspector. BEFORE you ask an Inspector how much he charges, I suggest you tell him what you're doing, and what YOU expect from him, and then ask what he can do for you IN ADDITION to all that, THEN ask how much he charges. Let him know your priority is in finding a Home Inspector; NOT one to save $$$! And if you don't have a Real Estate Attorney, that's ANOTHER person you can hire to look after YOUR interests. You can bet the Builder made sure HIS attorney looked over the paperwork he had you sign! (That's a clue that you should get one too, and NEVER sign anything w/o YOUR attorney looking at the paperwork.)

It will cost much, MUCH more to hire an Attorney if there's a problem after-the-fact, and aaaaaaaall the Professionals too (to do an inspection for the Attorney.) Don't short change yourself! Oh, I wouldn't take a HI or Attorney reference from the Builder or Realtor. There could be some 'bias' there.

No, I'm not a HI, nor am I an Attorney, nor am I a Realtor, nor am I 'associated' in any way w/ASHI. I simply speak from personal experience and from hearing and reading an AWFUL lot of others, good and bad. My best to ya and hope this helps.

Jay J -Moderator

PS: God Bless America!

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04:13PM | 12/05/01
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Jay J: thanks verymuch for such a well written and complete response to my question. My wife is the motivator to hire an inspector and I'm the reluctant one. You have given her a good reason to get me to hire an inspector. Fish

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