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05:52AM | 09/29/06
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Can someone help? I have been researching this myself and cannot seem to come upon a definitive conclusion. I have been finding small piles of brown "beads" that look like coffee that has been ground VERY FINE. These pile have been at the base of the frontdoor sidelight (interior and exterior -- on porch). There is a small hole in the ceiling above and they are sprinkled above the transom, which means the "droppings" came from above.

They are also "sprinkled" on a piece of furniture upstairs -- again meaning that they came from above. Our house was built in 1895, Balloon Construction, 1 1/2 story house. Tented about 11 years ago by previous owner (bond has expired). At first, exterminator said Powder Post Beetles, but after taking the "evidence" to the entamologist, they say Dry Wood Termites and the we need to TENT. Advice? Opinions? Thanks!


06:00AM | 08/05/10
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what are these things that are the size of coffee grounds. they are not moving but appear periodically right between the molding and floor.


08:01AM | 11/29/10
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Dear 1895Florida,

Howdy,Coach Dave here and I work for The Home Depot and I think I can help answer your "coffee grounds" question.

Unfortunately it sounds like you have Dry-wood termites. The "coffee grounds are fecal pellets are kicked out of the colony by workers.

Your need to take action now to minimize damage caused by the termites. If the infestation is in the early stages various sprays can be used. However if this is has been going on for a long time it may be time to call in an exterminator.

I would remove some of the wood from the area where you notice the most pellets to hopefully get an idea how extensive the damage may be.

If you have anymore questions let me know, I'm here to help.

Yours Respectfully,

Coach Dave


01:43PM | 05/01/13
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I've been noticing these "coffee ground" looking piles on the floor around my apartment (which is in an old building) too. I am wondering if you ever figured out what insect is responsible for these piles? I went out of town for about a week and a half and just got back and realized these piles are now in four spots around my apartment instead of one. Any advice would be wonderful.

Thank you,


01:15AM | 05/02/13
I agree with the reply from Home Depot. You've got termites. You need to call a professional for advice.


04:20PM | 09/18/13
What kind of insect lives in the ground and makes a grater about 1 inch wide and 1 inch deep small hole in the center? They are not bees.
only about 1/8 inch in size. And how do I get rid of them????


07:50PM | 10/21/14
Please post pictures of your finding so I can compare
Thank you


09:55AM | 10/22/14
I am having a similar problem. I have tired everything. Clorox, RAID, Baking Soda/Water. It seems this black pile is alive with these litttle bugs (see photo) that keep coming back. I will clean this black pile and literally withing hours its back. I have never seen anything in my life grow so quickly. It seems like waste from these bugs, but how is even possible that these bugs can live and survive the constant cleaning. I am at a loss right now. Its like these things are some sort of alien species living in the silicone sealant. Please help. I dont know what to do. the bugs move very slow but are back every night. No wood this is all on granite and tile counter tops.
Black powder waste


09:55AM | 10/22/14
Here are the bugs associated to the above post


12:34PM | 01/23/15
Compare it to this dropping identification chart
Pest poop identification chart differences


03:42PM | 07/15/15
I found about six clumps of these outside today, I accidentally put my hand on a clump and resulted in hundreds of them running all over my hand and arm. Does anyone know what they are? The photo is magnified.


03:38PM | 10/15/15
Or cave crickets


02:29PM | 05/31/16
what I have is larger than coffee grounds. It first appears on the ground as orange beads as small scattered piles.The next morning it will be brown. I soil is dry,when touched they will just puff out a little puff of dust and is flattened. What is this?


05:48PM | 06/03/16
what I have is larger than coffee grounds. It first appears on the ground as orange beads as small scattered piles.The next morning it will be brown. I soil is dry,when touched they will just puff out a little puff of dust and is flattened. What is this?

Sounds like you have a kind of mold. tThe "dust" is most likely,
the spores looking to spread, and proliferate.


09:16PM | 06/16/16
help....i found a small pile in the basement on a water pipe


12:21PM | 07/23/16
Does anyone know what this could be? It looks like a small pile of dirt on the wall in my apartment building.
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12:32PM | 04/20/17
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I have a similar problem on the ceramic floor next to the baseboard. I clean it and it reappears in a couple of hours. I have seen some small regular looking ants in that area. Picture below. Ideas please!!
20170420 115316 resized 1


11:26AM | 08/07/17
That sounds a little like carpenter ants. They start at the bottom then make a hole 90 degrees to the ceiling. The holes come out in the wall, there, not the ceiling. They come out eventually and swarm.


04:29PM | 03/03/18
I have a very similar problem but my "black dust and a "burn mark" are only found in storage boxes that have been in a room for a LONG time and under the rug in an outdoor screen room that has windows in place of screens. They are only in two rooms so would a termite only target them? I do not have the problem any where else in the house. I take the tiny piles of black course dust and when removed it leaves what looks like a burn mark that is difficult to clean and take out of a nice box. Thanks for any further help.
DJ in Florida


01:04PM | 04/23/18
There is black looks like sand around the baseboard of one side of my bedroom wall. Can you tell me what it is?


03:28AM | 05/11/18
In tub. Kitchen sink esp after running water. Don't move black microscopic hard crusty some have a
Clear ice like material attached...the y don't fly or move some have yellow gel near them


01:02PM | 05/15/18
Piles like coffee grounds between baseboard and floor in bedroom. House was treated for termites 6 years ago. It was found after pulling up carpet. Should I spray before laying my tile? Help! laying tile in 2 days.


12:51AM | 05/16/18
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he most common type of flea found on cats is the cat flea drops (Ctenocephalides felis), but rabbit and hedgehog fleas can also show an interest in your cat! Flea bites are itchy for all cats, and can lead to some developing allergies (known as flea-allergic dermatitis).

for more:


08:18AM | 06/19/18
Is this similar to what some of you have been seeing? I'm puzzled by this and want to know what it is.


01:10AM | 06/26/18
Do you believe that these are from termites or could it be something else? This is a kitchen, exterior wall.
Thank you!


01:10AM | 06/26/18
Sorry here is the photo to the above question


09:07PM | 07/17/18
clusters of brown eggs that have the shape of a spinning top? brown, small maybe the size of appoximately a coriander seed. cluster the size of a silver dollar on the bed. shaped like a bead. a diamond shape but rounder in middle all the way I can a spinning top. then tinier dashes the size of a dash on your keyboard, those were darker brown to almost black(prolly the poops) what kind of insect. I didn't see them in the night or feel them biting me but have 13-14 welts all around my side, each welt has usually more than one bit make in each welt. one has 5 bite marks or like a white head pimple raised up from the pictures, they were cleaned up and flushed and then, I slept in the same supposed "clean" bedding!


12:18PM | 09/24/18
There are ants in the bathroom leaving a pile on the tub. It is a neat pile and there is no hole above for anything to drop down on tub.


12:20PM | 09/24/18
I tried to leave a photo but it will not let me.


09:29AM | 10/09/18


06:54PM | 12/14/18
I have the same thing but it is on my stove near a burner. I noticed it upon return from vacation in November. I wipe it off and it returns the next day. I placed a paper towel above the burner but I still have a small pile under the towel and on the towel. No pile on towel but they are still there. High ceiling so I do not think they are falling on stove. Burner is not under a microwave either. Help


08:38PM | 02/15/19
I have all kinds of micro bugs all over my house and now body I think its all steming from overseas products coming into our country with no quality or any inspection for this problem and its getting worse fast. I dont read the bible but I heard about the insects coming and swarming the world. This is why


03:25PM | 05/16/19
Here's a current pic of what's in my trailer I just found coffee ground piles with larva looking worms in them.


05:01PM | 05/22/19
Dirt forming around base board would remove and a day later it would be back I do not see any ants but have seen them going up the wall out side


03:52PM | 05/30/19
I found these on the inner surface of my interior door. When they were removed it looked like sand or dirt. There are tiny holes where this was removed.


06:50PM | 05/30/19
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Sounds like many of you are experiencing Above and below ground termites or similar invaders. You can easily and safely treat any of these pests, including fungus and mold, with a simple brine solution. Mix salt 1 cup to 1 cup water. Poor the mixed solution at areas of pest. Do not get any of the solution mix on plants or planting soil.
It's a pleasure to advise you.
Be Well,


03:11AM | 06/03/19
Hi there! I arrived back home from a weekend outing to find a little pile up on my coffee table. What kind of insect are leaving these piles of droppings?


05:14AM | 06/06/19
Saw this pile at the bottom corner of our sliding door. Any ideas on what's causing this? Not sure if the photo got attached.


05:42AM | 06/24/19
I have these, sweep often but reappears in several areas of the house.


03:11AM | 06/25/19
Mine look like tiny red balls she and big dogs get them all the time what are they the like getting on your clothes for sure so do white ones


12:32PM | 07/07/19
this is on the siding on my porch


12:15PM | 07/13/19
I have this pile by the bottom slider i keep cleaning but it returns. Hard to describe its really weird its black soft like. Almost like the black stuff used for magnets to show movement. I get it in a pile its driving me nuts i cant tell whats creating it ill clean it then week later see it somewhere else. Could it be a spider? Just seems to weird.


12:16PM | 07/13/19
It returns in a different area by the window so i know something is returning after ive cleaned it


11:35AM | 08/19/19
I am getting the same bits of coffee looking granules and don't know what it is my family think I'm going mad well that's a debate because I know I'm not I'm being bit too if you get to know what it is please can you let me know as the doctors don't know what it is I've even had the housing in it is driving me up the wall thanks Helen


11:03AM | 12/17/19
Termites, ants, crickets or mold. Try the salt water


01:42PM | 05/25/20
Hi there,
I found this in my washroom .


03:25PM | 08/14/20
So why are mine different they are coming out of the ceiling and mine are white looks like salt clusters


08:23PM | 09/05/20
I have noticed them ever since black flies /noseums/midges came into my life. I do clean but there they r again. I noticed a spider in the house will usually accumulate fhem, so I let small spiders stay. The black flies r worldwide and since set is no longer allowed I am stuck. Perhaps they r termites. Typical pest control professionals do not even understand. They just think u r crazy. Well before this turns into babbling, anyone who can help us welcome to email.


06:59PM | 12/06/20
Im finding light brown balls like beads on my carpet. they’re really hard, and they’re not dark brown. they’re more light brown. What are these?


06:50PM | 02/08/21


04:48PM | 03/07/21
Same problem - I also notice flies and pill bugs. The woodwork literally has hair like gray and white dust coming out of it. I am wondering if it is a mold of some kind- this problem is driving me nuts and affecting my skin and the dog as well.
I also am noticing pinholes in the walls - some look like they have tiny blood spots around them and most of the holes look dusty and hairy- my husband keeps trying to persuade me that it is dog hair but not to the darn ceiling!
Termites are a thought but I have yet to see an actual bug- unless they are very very tiny!


03:30PM | 03/20/21
I have notice some mounds of black dust like substance in some corners of my cement patio. These are wet areas. When the mounds are touched there are tiny things like lead filings moving around.
What can I do to get rid of them and it’s it something I should be worried about?


01:29PM | 03/27/21
My tiny black spots are not in piles, but just sprinkled all over on a wood floor. Any ideas?


04:37PM | 06/06/21
Tiny black sand like bits, not alive but cleaned up and they appeared again today.
Had new cabinets installed 2 wks ago.
Now noticed this on the counter under cabinet next to outside wall.
Is it worth calling professional before my counters and backsplash go in?


04:39PM | 06/06/21
Tiny black sand like bits, not alive but cleaned up and they appeared again today.
Had new cabinets installed 2 wks ago.
Now noticed this on the counter under cabinet next to outside wall.
Is it worth calling professional before my counters and backsplash go in?


07:11PM | 07/25/21
Ours looks like tiny bug fragments


10:35AM | 08/13/21
I find coffee ground type black sparsely scattered and spider webs. What are they?


08:39PM | 08/23/21
I’m having the same issue. Instead of multiple I have only one pile in ONE area that I sweep every day. I don’t know where it can come from. My table is wood and there are no termites.

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