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04:03AM | 08/27/04
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Recently I installed 4 Hampton Bay Motion Sensor Lights in the exterior of my home. Two of them work like a charm. However, the other two just recently started malfunctioning. The switch inside the garage remains on of course supplying power two both lights. They have both operated properly for the past three months since installation. However, I have noticed for this past week that the lights are still on during the day with bright sun when I arrive home from work. I have made NO changes to the lights as they are exactly the same as when I installed them. I did try resetting them by turning the switch off for a couple of minutes then back on. The lights come back on as normal for about 20 seconds, blink three times to tell me they are functioning properly then turn off because they detect light. I checked them several times and they stay off until dusk. Again they do function properly when I reset them during the day as photocell keeps them off with sunlight. But once dusk they work fine but remain on at dawn and have to be reset now each afternoon. I could understand one sensor going bad but two? I would call hampton bay directly but cannot obtain their number. Any help you could provide would be much appreciated.


03:46PM | 04/01/05
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I have had this same problem. I installed 5 HB exterior lights and all 5 no longer turn off during the day. They are just under 6 months old, and the first began malfunctioning after only 2 months...any suggestions!!!



11:43AM | 01/22/06
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I just had a Hampton Bay photovoltaic cell MELT on me. The dawn-to-dusk ones, without the motion sensors, we have two by our garage, and one was staying on all the time. I replaced the bulb and shone a flashlight at the cell (underneath the fixture), and I saw it was glowing like a lit cigarette. The plastic started to melt, and I watched in disbelief a few more seconds and ran for the switch.

If anyone finds the number for the mfr, please post it here.


doug seibert

01:15PM | 01/22/06
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and another 1-800-749-3267


01:24PM | 01/22/06
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Wow, thanks! This is a Hampton Bay "UPC# 25916814205", "SKU# 240-336", and "Vendor: 11370". I found a discussion of them here:


04:34PM | 01/22/06
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After reading all the negative comments about Hampton Bay's exterior lighting, I would hope that all defective products are being packed up for return to Home Depot.

I couldn't think of a quicker remedy than to have Home Depot return car loads of defective products to the manufacturer.

Frank Fourchalk

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04:45PM | 01/22/06
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Actually, I already filled out a report on .


08:24PM | 04/29/07
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that's a freaky situation


12:05AM | 08/01/14
Won't quit blinking


08:14AM | 08/01/14
People put bulbs that are over/wattage and wonder why the circuitry fries.

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