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01:07AM | 06/28/02
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I am in desparate need of suggestions. I have tried several things and nothing appears to be working.

Here is the problem simply put - one of my dogs decided to use our basement (concrete floor) as his personal toilet. {I don't know where he came up with this brilliant idea}. I am having major trouble removing not only the ordor from pet urine, but also the actual stains from urine and feces. I have tried several things and I can't seem to remove the stain marks that he left.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I am willing to try anything. Thanks


02:57AM | 06/28/02
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You said you've tried "several things". Without knowing what those things are, I'll suggest going to a pet store. They sell products made specifically for the task of removing pet stains and odors.


03:39AM | 06/28/02
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I have tried 'simple solution'(pet odor and stain remover), Mr. Clean, Bleach, Ajax, soap and water, other pet odor and stain remover, 409....


08:10AM | 07/02/02
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Not sure about the stain, but I think plain vinegar would help solve the odor problem. Let it sit awhile. If it wants to "run" downhill, soak an old towel with vinegar and leave that on the stains.


02:08PM | 07/04/02
Try a diluted muratic solution. Be careful to keep the acid off your skin and clothes. Wear rubber gloves. Brush it on with a scrub brush or even better use an acid brush with a 3-4 foot handle you can get at any home improvement store. Let it set for 5-10 minutes and rinse the area thoroughly. Muratic acid is one of the best concrete cleaners available.


That Guy

05:40PM | 10/21/02
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I have 2 dogs which means 2 potty traing lessons.
what I found that worked VERY well was some stuff called "Natures Miracle".
Pour on and let air dry. It kills the organisms that is in the urine thus takes the "scent" away.

That Guy


03:35AM | 08/28/19
Baking soda is good at removing odors!


06:54AM | 08/31/19
I recently purchased a house and they had 15 dogs and the outside of the concrete outside the door smelled awful. Natures Miracle is the trick. Spray and reapply if necessary, smell is almost gone.


09:41AM | 01/13/20
Use fabuloso for the smell! And boiling hot water with bleach with it sitting for 2hours then clean up!


07:58PM | 06/07/20
Pour new concrete....


05:34AM | 04/25/22
Baking soda and vinegar, don’t be afraid it will bubble a bit.. then I follow up with nature’s miracle

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