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03:37PM | 03/17/05
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I am in a tough spot.

About a month ago, our babysitter ran her car into the corner of our house adjacent to our garage causing structual and brick damage. Her car insurance covers all repair cost including replacing the damaged brick. Our problem is that we can not locate a brick compairable to the existing brick and are unable to match the brick. The only solution seems to be to replace all brick including the undamaged portion. Unfortunatly the car insurance will not pay to replace the undamaged brick only the brick damaged in the accident even if the brick is noticably mismatched. Has anyone been in this fix? Is there any unique places I might be able to find older brick? (Our house is over 50 years old) Or is it possible to have brick made to look similar to our brick? Is there anything I can say or do with the insurance company to pursuade them to pay for the replacement of all the brick so their repairs will not devalue my home?


04:05PM | 03/30/05
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Fifty year old brick will be hard to match. Even if you found the original brick that had been stored somewhere, your house will have aged to a different color than due to orientation, polutants in the air, type of adjacent soils, and other factors. To compound the problem, the EPA has closed down most of the smaller brick companies who, at one time, manufactured the majority of all brick. Consequently only 1 in 20 companies are operating compaired to thirty years ago. The larger plants that are still open can't possible offer as many colors as 20 other plants once made.

One possible solution is to find a short wall on the side or back of the house that can be demolished for the brick and then rebuilt with new masonry. If the wall begins and ends at a corner, a slightly different brick color will not be very noticable since color and shading change every time a wall changes direction. If your brick wall has variations of brick color, brick companies can provide a custom "blend" which is a mixture of several different bricks like a Monet painting. Even though no one brick matches yours, the mixture can sometimes come very close. lastly, go to another town that has a different brick manufacturer and check out their brick. Most plants make their brick from locally available clays which play a large roll in the color of the brick. Other things that effect the color are addatives, texture, oven temperature, and firing time. Your house is too small a job to have custom brick made and matching would still be problematic.

Good luck


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