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05:57PM | 05/31/03
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I am installing a white ice beaded wainscoting that I purchased from ***** . I am having a few problems and I don't know how to fix them. Here is what the room looks like now. There are already chair rails and baseboards installed in the room (I did not put these up). I have taken off all of the switchplates and I think I am ready to go.
Problem #1:
I have already cut holes for the outlets in one of my boards, but when I tried to place the switchplate back on there the outlet was too far into the wall and I could not screw on the plate. Do I need to unscrew the plugs from the outlet box and then cut my hole smaller in the wainscoting so that the plugs screw threw the wainscoting allowing the switchplate to attach normally?
Problem #2:
A corner of one of the two boards that I have managed to put up is not being held on by the nails. It is bowing out from the wall. Do I need to get some type of glue for this to make it stick?
Problem #3:
I have about a 3/16 inch gap between the top of the wainscoting and the chair rail. This is way to big of a gap to fill with caulk. How do I cover this gap. All of my boards were precut at ***** according to my measurements. Unfortunatly I only measured the height of one area from top of baseboard to bottom of chair rail and it is not the same measurement all the way around the room. Anyway how can I fill this gap? Can I use some kind of small molding or what?
I think that is all for my questions. Please help me!!! I am doing this for our baby room and this is our first child. I hope I havn't bitten off more that I can chew. Thanks in advance for the help.
Michael Sepulveda


07:24AM | 06/01/03
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For the elec. box you will need to pick up an box extention to bring it out closer to being flush with the new wainscoat.

The board that is bowed, you need to find out why that is being held out like that, most likely the drywall finish below. Place a straight edge on the existing wall and see if you can knock that section down closer to an even plain... perhap either by sanding, scraping or 2x4 & hammer, it will depend on the situation. When you nail those first boards you will have to place the nail cross ways so that they grab into something, either that or finish screws.

For the short sections you will now have to find a small piece of trim, either a 1/4 inch 1/4 round or rip a section from door stop that has the roundover. I'd, place the gap at the bottom where it would be less noticable rather than to the chair rail.

Here's where you went wrong, normally you would remove the base & chair, strap out the wall so that you have horizontal & stright 1x4 framing to nail to, then replace the base over the wainscoat and use the premade rebated wainscaot trim for the top, (or place a flat trim on the top & scotia trim to the under side of that).

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