10:56AM | 05/30/09
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Have no heard of Veka but we recently installed AZEK decking vinyl decking a bit costly but well worth it .No fading not mildew highly reccomned it.

Installed PVC railing live in the New york city area this type of decking is fairly new found it at a home show in new jersey .Easy on the feet cool in the heat not slippery at all .Hope this was a help to you ..


11:13AM | 05/30/09
Member Since: 04/05/09
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Have seen Veka decking. I like it. Had a lot of mold and mildew with Timber Tech. They are giving us a material credit. Still very costly with labor charges. If I could do it all over again, I would go with Veka.


10:30AM | 06/07/09
Member Since: 06/06/09
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Thanks you in advancefor your insight!

Have you had a problem with the Earthwood decking itself? Is there spacing between your planks? How does it respond to heat under foot? And finally, does it show leaf staining?

Lake Wallenpaupack PA


08:56AM | 06/23/09
Member Since: 06/22/09
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my deck is 4 years old and falling apart; it is stained with mildew and algae (sits on the West side of house) and is difficult to clean. this product was more costly than its competitor and a big disappointment


09:21AM | 09/11/09
Member Since: 09/10/09
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anyone experienced with Timbertech Earthwood product? Any probs with mildew, cleaning, maintenence? To the folks who have posted on mildew problems, which of the TT line did you use? Twin Rinish, Florizon, XLM or Earthwood? thanks.


01:00PM | 09/14/09
Member Since: 09/13/09
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DO NOT and I repeat DO NOT purchase Timbertech decking. It is an inferior product which is NOT maintenance free nor does it resist mildew nor does it look beautiful year after year. And it add insult to injury, this stuff is not cheap. This company should be sued for false advertising. I won't be surprised to see a Class Action suit soon and I intend to be a part of it.


08:24AM | 09/15/09
Member Since: 09/10/09
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am considering installing the Timbertech Earthwood product. Consumer reports has good review with excellent rating on mildew. Wondering if the posts here re mildew are from the Floorizon product, and if the installation was done according to TT specs. My contractor says he has never gotten a call back on TT, but he has used the TT Twin Finish line, which i dont like. Is anyone out there experienced specifically with the Earthwood line? Please reply, i have to get going on the deck! thanks


09:16AM | 10/22/09
Member Since: 10/21/09
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We've had TT Earthwood teak and walnut on our deck for a year now, and not many issues. I have seen mold, but it's in an area that gets dirty from debris washing off the roof during rainy periods.

Installed in September, 2008, I first saw the mold in the spring. It wasn't serious...just a small amount of surface mold on a few boards located under the roofline. My husband couldn't even see it with the elaborate "grain" pattern the teak has. I used a hose and light scrub brush to remove it, which took a little elbow grease, and I didn't see it again until now. I will wash it again before winter, maybe use Corte Clean this time, and see how it goes in the spring.

I should add that I have an upper and lower deck of identical materials. The lower is protected by an Undercover System, so it doesn't get wet...just damp from misty rains. Not much mold on lower deck at all.

So, in my experience, I would still recommend TT. The Earthwood is beautiful, especially with hidden fasteners. They're definitely worth the extra $. It is not entirely maintenance free, it does have to be cleaned a couple times a year, but so does everything.

I hope my mold issues don't become a nightmare like some of these other stories tell. I will not go down the road of using sealers, stains, etc. I don't even want to use chemicals because they always seem to break down the deck in the long run. Good luck to you.


07:03AM | 01/01/10
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We had a TimberTech deck installed as part of our new house construction that was completed in December 2006. Started getting a few nickel-sized black spots this past late summer/fall, and now they are covering the deck.

From the other posts in this thread, it doesn't sound like it's going to be very easy to fix. I'll give it a shot, but if it's going to be a maintenance disaster, I might just rip it all out & go with something else.

For some reason, my builder used pressure-treated wood railings rather than composite. These were painted shortly after being installed and there's a lot of paint blistering going on, so it might just be easier to rip all of that out too & start over.

Net-net, just because someone calls themselves a "custom" builder doesn't make them so, both in regard to the quality of contractors they choose as well as their materials.

Don't buy Timbertech. I have AZEK on another house and know people with Trex decks...these are truly "low maintenance" products. Timbertech is by no means low-maintenance.


07:23AM | 03/02/10
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Try using Corteclean,

easy to use and eco-friendly

also check out

for more cleaning tips!

"Many of life's failures are people

who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up!"

Thomas A. Edison


11:13AM | 04/05/10
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Here are two links to the product I used. I had black spots all over my deck two years in a row and could have cried! I have Timbertech and thought it would be easy maintenance. It was so much work to clean and I tried so many products. My mother in law gave me a bottle of this product that she purchased at Costco. She had used it on her cement patio and loved it. It worked like a miracle! I applied it as directed once in the spring and I did not have ONE spot of mildew or mold on my deck all through till spring. I hope you'll have luck with it too!



02:43PM | 04/22/10
Member Since: 04/21/10
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save money by making your own solution using 1/4 cup oxalic acid (can be purchased at Marine hardware stores) and same amount of tsp per gallon, rinse and follow that with 1part household bleach to 2 parts water, scrub and rinse. You may find one or both solutions work for you but remember never to mix the two


05:41PM | 04/22/10
Member Since: 07/17/08
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This is my second year using this product. Before using WetandForget, I pressure wash the deck with Krud Cutter at medium pressure so as not to scare the deck. Then the next day I spray on WaF and forget it.


08:44AM | 05/28/10
Member Since: 05/15/08
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I REALLY wish I had seen all of these posts before I had my two decks installed, app. 650 sq ft. It not only cost me more for this product but the cost of the products to try and keep it clean is very high, not to mention a waste of my time since nothing works 100% or keeps it clean very long. There is black mildew over the entire surface of the deck that is not covered and in full sun. I can't keep it clean, and I am diligent to do so. The covered deck isn't nearly as hard to keep clean. However anything will stain it. I even have darker stains from where rain water hits one area. I would give anything to have known that this product was not the low maintenance product it was described to be. I would love to have the old standby pressure treated deck!!


05:07AM | 06/23/10
Member Since: 06/22/10
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I didn't even know I had a problem until I stumbled accross this thread! Oh I knew we had black spots on our two decks and stairs but I would apply bleach and then pressure wash every year and get rid of them for awhile. At first it cleaned the deck for most of a year. But as time went on the black spots showed up sooner and sooner. Last year it was "clean" for only 6 weeks. After reading this thread, and much thinking about an overall plan, I came up with the plan to apply corta clean, pressure wash it off and then apply wet and forget. My thinking was corta clean would clean it off and wet and forget would keep it clean for as long as possible.

Here are the results so far. Application went as planned. The corta clean is absolutly temperture dependant. The warmer it is, the faster it shows visable difference. If your not worried about speed then apply at lower 60's. The main thing is it works! It cleaned the black spots off like never before. As for the wet and forget only time will tell. It does also work on black spots as I left some deck for w&f only. But the combination is what I will use from now on. I will try to remember to post later when I start seeing black spots reappear to give you an idea of how long the combination lasts. The only down side that I saw was the plants along side the deck did not like something as they burned just as badly as if I had used bleach. I don't know if it was the combination or one or the other.

In summary, there is hope out there and hopefully some of you with problems will get some take-home points from this thread and get your decks looking brand new again like I did. Thanks again to all of imput.


09:40PM | 10/15/10
Member Since: 06/22/10
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Well it has been 4 months since I applied the cleaners in the last post. To my surprise, it is still spot free. Our summer has been wet and I know that it would normally have shown spots long before now. I am very pleased with the combo. I will post again when we start seeing the spots


07:28PM | 05/10/11
Member Since: 05/10/11
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My timberteck deck is 3 years old and looks terrible. I selected a composite because I am a neat freak. I thought it would perform as advertised. I was totally mislead by their advertising. It is impossible to clean and the improvement is only minor and lasts for a very short period before the mildew returns. Additionally the deck has faded to a hazy gray. I am trying to determine what the best stain is to use on this deck even tho it voids my "warranty" (what a joke). Has anyone stained their composite deck and if so can you shareyour experience with me. Sh129


07:34PM | 05/10/11
Member Since: 05/10/11
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Has anyone gotten so fed up with timbertech's mildew and look that they have used a stain to cover it up? If so how did that work?


04:42PM | 10/28/11
Member Since: 10/28/11
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I have tried contacting the email address that is listed for a possible class action lawsuit and my email was returned. Can someone please let me know if there will be a lawsuit? I am sick that a deck I saved up to purchase for four years now looks terrible one year after me, my husband, and my 65 year old parents spent a month building it ourselves.
I have contacted Timbertech and have not received a reply since sending in my receipts and a letter through the mail. The only response I got was to do a warranty claim via mail and the response was received through email. Please help - anyone know if a class action has been started?


08:46PM | 02/05/12
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It seems like many other people are having similar problems with Timbertech lumber. From other posts, they mentioned that the lumber turned white. This is certainly not acceptable for a company that promised maintenance free use. I hope that you were able to claim fully, all your damages and costs incurred.
Best Regards,
Mark Richards
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