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08:24AM | 05/05/07
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We would like to add a front porch thought about building a 20' x 8' deck with railing and pergola, but the problem is our home isn't a country style. it would go on the left front side of the house, remove the 3 front bushes. any ideas, would help.
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08:08AM | 04/17/08
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My house is just like this and I wanted to add a front porch too, would like to see yours.



09:23AM | 04/17/08
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What did you finally decide to build? Or not? I, too, have a ranch home that is desperate for a front porch to make it more welcoming. We’ve been wondering if we should just build a flat deck and add some pretty potted poseys just to help our house say “I am just as beautiful as all the other houses!” Ya’d think there would be more ideas on the Internet for purifying the ranch houses, wouldn’t you?

Hey you architect-type people out there? Can you give us some help???

BTW - Someone built our house backwards, so we REALLY need some help with the "front". LOL
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09:14AM | 05/07/08
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This is a tricky one, as you typically see front porches on two story houses -- I've added one myself. (Well, the contractor did it, but anyway...). How much space do you have before the yard starts to slope? It's hard to tell from the picture. Is there room for a decent width to the porch can be usable too? Also, I think you'd have to redesign the whole face of the house so you had a more substantial entrance in the middle somewhere. Are those bedroom windows? Not sure what the options are there.


10:24AM | 05/07/08
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Thank you, Allison1888, for your reply! Yes, "tricky one" is a good way to put it. It would not be a problem to put a 6'-12' porch on the front. The yard is only a gradual slope until you get about 30', then it's quite drop to the street. There are trees & shrubs all along the bottom of the slope and street - so the only real view of the home is up the driveway (as originally pictured.)

Main body of the house windows are (L to R) Dining Room (soon to be office), Kitchen, Bathroom, then finally a 2nd bedroom. It's rather impossible (financially) to make a huge change in the floor plan. Although, I've seriously considered changing the 1st window (office) into a bay window - and then making the kitchen window match the bedroom window on the end. Would that help break up the “trailer look?”

Since it is presently a 2 bedroom home, my dream is to build a new garage in front of the present one (remodeling the old garage into a master suite) and then we could add a nice long porch to the right of the new garage - in front of the present entry. But that's only a dream.

Enclosing the 12’x12’ breezeway must have been an after-thought of the first owners because the roofline is shorter than the garage. Looks awkward. Thus is why I'd like a cute porch or some kind of welcoming entry to dress up the place. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for listening!
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03:46PM | 05/07/08
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I never got a reply, but thanks for asking.

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