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04:37PM | 10/06/02
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I am installing a water line for my refrigerator. I bought one of the self-install kits from Home Depot, made by Anderson Barrows. I attached one end to my water line with no problems. My problem now is the attachment at the fridge is leaking. The kit has 1/4" copper tubing. The leak appears to be coming from the compression nut. I have tried putting teflon tape on the threads of the male connection at the fridge and also on the "compression sleeve" which the compression nut covers, all to no avail. The only thing I can think of that I may have done wrong is to squeeze the copper tubing when inserting it into the compression nut, since it didn't seem to fit. Anyone with any suggestions about what the problem may be and how to fix it?

doug seibert

07:28PM | 10/06/02
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You need a new compression ring made for the tubing you're using(copper or poly).....Once you "squeeze" it it's a goner.........just cut the old tubing/ring off and install the old ring ....and screw them back onto the fitting.

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03:56AM | 10/07/02
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Sorry, let me clarify my earlier post. I didn't squeeze the ring, I squoze the tubing before inserting it into the nut/ring. I was figuring on re-cutting the tubing and inserting again. Does anyone see any other possible problem? I cut the tubing with an old hacksaw. I was figuring on getting an actual pipe cutter today to see if that would make a difference.


05:02AM | 10/07/02
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yes, a pipe cutter will help, but be gentle. that tubing is pretty fragile.


08:06AM | 10/09/02
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Just wanted to drop a line with an update. I got the pipe cutter, which made a nice, clean cut, but that didn't solve the problem. I ran back to my neighborhood hardware store and got a compression ring and a ferrule sleeve(?), installed it and VOILA, it is now working perfectly. The compression nut and sleeve provided with the kit just didn't work for my fridge. Thanks for the advice.

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