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domestic engineer

10:00AM | 02/22/03
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The toilet does not always flush properly. Sometimes it flushes all the way and sometimes it doesn't. My husband snaked it, and it didn't seem to get any better. Is it time to call a plumber, or are there any other ideas we can try first? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated


01:44AM | 02/23/03
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sounds like you have a toilet with bad jets (an integral part of the toilet), the jets are getting clogged up forceing you to flush twice to get water in the bowl enough to flush it properly. Look to replacement to solve your problem. Why it happens? well a couple of things cause jets to clog, poor water = lots of deposits like calcium or minerals, or deoderant cakes, you know those blue cake things you put in the tank. Sorry but there is no easy way to clean the jets.


10:12AM | 02/23/03
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Check your float level. Check to be sure that the flapper is okay, an old flapper will shut to soon not allowing enough water to flush. If it feels hard, crackly, not supple or black comes off on your hand replace it.



04:39AM | 02/24/03
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Flappers cost little and are easy to replace. It's worth replacing them now and then.

Is there any change in the water level in the tank? You can tell by looking in the tank. There's always a mark where the water usually tops out. If so, something has changed. Check the float.

Also, people sometimes place bricks or other objects in the tank to save water, but that can cause intermittent poor flushing. If you have anything in the tank that doesn't belong there, remove it.

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domestic engineer

08:56AM | 02/24/03
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UPDATE: We have purchased new "guts" for the toilet but haven't been able to install them yet, but will very soon.

We actually do not have anything in the tank, although I did think about it. My husband said it really doesn't do any good! Our other thought was to replace the toilet, but I guess I'm concerned "what if" that doesn't fix the problem. So we are taking working on one suggestion at a time, until we fix the problem.

Thank you for your replies.

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