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09:54AM | 12/26/03
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Right now when I flush my toilets I only get about a couple inches of water back in the bowl when the tank fills up. How do I adjust the level to get more water in the bowl? The toilets and the house are only about 2 years old.

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plumber Tom

12:28PM | 12/26/03
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On a ballcock assembly adjust the screw for higher water level. On a fluidmaster valve there is a small metal clip that you squeeze and adjust the float higher. The water level should be slightly lower then the overflow tube in the tank.


03:08AM | 12/27/03
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Thanks for the tip Tom. I played around with the set screw and the level in the tank but it had no effect on the level in the bowl? Any other suggestions?


05:13AM | 12/27/03
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It sounds like you got some blockage coming from your tank into your bowl. Check and see if you got good waterflow coming out into your bowl. If not you might have some hard water calcium build up in there. Or another Ideal is that the style of toilet you got might be set up that way. Dont know if you just replaced it or if it just started to act up on you. If it is an older toilet you might have to go ahead and get a new one. Reason why there is no way to clean out the water ports that come from your tank into the bowl.... Hope that this will help you some way or another. I just recalled that you said it is two year old. You might want to get the name brand and make of the toilet and get incontact with the manufacture and see what they say about the setup and amount of water that is required. Plus you also got to remember a lot of toilets these days only work with one gall per flush so that means you will get less water in bowl for the fill up side, and they are common to only have about two or three inches of water.

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05:39AM | 12/27/03
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Thank you Jamer, that was some really good information and pretty much solved my question. This BB is really cool. Very helpful.

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