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07:09PM | 02/02/04
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Should I be worried if the hi-limit reset button on my upper thermostat "tripped"? I noticed that I didn't have hot water, so I opened the access panel and noticed that the hi-limit reset button was tripped. After resetting it, the tank seems to be working fine, but should I check something else, or just wait for it to happen again?


Jim D

11:03PM | 02/02/04
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DStein - hi, I'm not an expert on this but I ran across the same situation at my mother-in-law's place. After that button started tripping more than 3 times a week, I ended up replacing the thermostat. I checked the upper and lower heating elements first to make sure they were good. That was almost 8 months ago and it hasn't tripped since. Other than double-checking to make sure your upper and lower thermostats are set properly, I'd recommend patience at this point. If you see it start tripping more often, then a new thermostat (after checking the heating elements) may be in order. I hope this helps you - regards! Jim D/Heathsville, VA


02:52AM | 02/03/04
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Thanks for the reply. I'll watch it. For some reason, I seem to remember having to reset it a month or so ago. My wife mentioned that the water was steaming hot at one point during the day yesterday. So when I found out it was tripped, I reset it and it seemed to work, but I was afraid to let it go for fear that if it was malfunctioning, it may not trip the next time, and what if my pop-off valve isn't working, etc, etc? Oh, well, for my peace of mind I may just replace the thermostats.

Thanks for the reply,


03:38PM | 09/10/19
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