04:17PM | 09/12/05
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Our home is thirty years old and we have well water. Just recently we have been experiencing low water pressure in the kitchen, bathrooms, laundry room and outside spigots.

Is there something we can check or should we call a plumber?


04:13AM | 09/13/05
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Just want to add more info that might help explain the problem. Seems that after running the water for about 10 minutes or so (for example a shower) the water pressure increases.


05:33AM | 09/13/05
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If you use the water long enough to for the pressure to increase. Then stop using it for say 15-30 minutes and then use it again is the pressure OK or is it low?

Does it start out normally and then slow decrease untill a point until it get almost to zero and then starts increasing?

You SHOULD have a pressure gauge on the pump system, although it is often not installed.

With a pressure guage you can check on what is going on.

If you have a guage watch it and the pump as you run water.

My guess is that the problem is in the pressure switch or pressure tank that is causing the pump to start late.


04:48AM | 09/14/05
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Thank you for the information. The gauge, tank, switch, pump you are talking about are located in the house not down the well???


06:07AM | 09/14/05
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There are lots of different well/pump configurations.

The pump can be either a submerged pump hung near the bottom of the well or it can be on the "surface" with direct suction for a very shallow well or jet for a deeper well.

With the surface mounted pump then it will either be in the house or a well house.

But there are other variations, such as vertical turbine pumps where the motor is mounted on the top of the well and the shaft goes down into the well. We had one of those when I was a kid.

In general the tank, pressure switch, and guage would be in one place. Most likely in the house, but could be in a pump house.


09:28AM | 09/20/05
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Thanks for your time, and information! There is a piece of equipment under our steps that just might be that pump! I'll check it out! Thanks again.



01:10PM | 01/18/14
I live in a trailer house (30+yrs) and have noticed in the main bath the hot water is gradually not flowing. Two weeks ago I had a water leak outside in the main line and got that fixed after 3 days of no running water ... When I turned on the hot water in the tub a little black stuff came out. The hot water pressure was so low it barely runs. Cold is good. Wasn't sure next step besides calling a plumber! Thanks


09:15PM | 01/19/14
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Anytime work is done on the pipes like that and or they freeze any trash in the lines gets knocked loose.
Once the water comes back on the water heater should have been flushed out by connecting a garden hose to the drain and letting it run for about 10 min.
Outside faucets open up to flush, all aerators on the faucets removed and let some water run out.
All that needed to be done to help prevent the dirty water from getting to the shower faucet and show head.
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