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08:10AM | 08/31/06
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I have a Delta tub faucet. I think the Cold is leaking - fast now.

1. How do I figure out if hot or cold is leaking?

2. How do you repair a Delta tub faucet?



08:45AM | 08/31/06
Member Since: 08/30/06
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I am a do-it-yourselfer and a couple of years ago fixed the tub spigot leak. Where can I get instructions on how to fix the cold water drip? (female with common sense here)...or do you suggest a plumber be hired (kinda broke at the moment).

also, I notice when I turn the hot water on for a shower and then the cold, I HARDLY have to turn the cold handle before the shower would be too cold. Is there an adjustment I could make between the hot handle having to be turned a lot more than the cold handle?



07:51AM | 09/04/06
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Well, thanks to your advice, I called Delta and they told me I needed seats and springs and gave me the part number to go buy it. Did that and put in the seat and spring and went to test the line but didn't have the screw on sleeve on tight enough so it all busted out and I created a flood in the wall and into my basement. Went to re-do the seat and spring (lost first one in blowout in wall) and then the O-ring broke. So the Delta person gave me info to go buy that part. Unfortunately just can't buy the o-ring - had to buy the stem unit assembly. Did that and put everything back together. Works. Noticed though that cold water faucet is "looser" to turn on and off than hot water. Why is that?

NOW notice the spicket decides to leak while shower is on. It leaks water plus "sprays" it also. Not immensely, but enough to put me on notice I have to fix it before it leaks more.

Do you think fixing the cold water handle put water pressure elsewhere (now thru the spicket)?

And why do you think the cold water knob is way too easier to turn on and off than the hot water knob?

thanks in advance :)


12:49PM | 09/05/06
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I've noticed in other threads you try to scold people. I never expected it here. Listen, sir. When you have to choose whether to have enough money to put food on the table versus calling a plumber, and the Delta professional tells you it is easy to do it yourself and the part costs $4.00, well, which would you choose.

I think you should stop and think that not everyone has the spare cash to hire a plumber and therefore is FORCED to do-it-themselves - or at least attempt to.

I didn't think asking for assistance on would cause the experienced plumber to scold instead of offer assistance. I don't believe you belong on this site anymore if people will experience your attitude.

Moderator, I'd like to file a complaint on this site.


07:31AM | 09/06/06
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Yep, my time isn't worth $125/hr. I am not going to pay someone more than I make myself. I would rather do the research and try to fumble through.

hardware stores like Ace will have drawers of various Orings. You might be able to find one that fits and not have to spend $15 on a new stem.

I have found that good plumbing supply houses can look at your part and know what to replace. I will never go to Lowes again when I have a leaky faucet.


03:28PM | 09/07/06
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Dear Homeowner 512,

Let me see if I understand this correctly. You post a message asking for help with a problem Delta faucet that you say is dripping but you haven't the common sense, to tell if it's hot water or a cold water drip, In your second post and I quote "(female with common sense here)" at this point I would have suggested that you call a plumber. Sorry that your broke, hop on the bus with the rest of us working stiffs.

Than your problem escalates or as that cook always says lets kick it up a notch, in your second post, problem goes from a dripping faucet to one which also has a temperature and flow problem.

Gosh you are getting a little pushy here asking a professional for his help when he should have told you to call a licensed plumber especially after the problem escalated.

Sylvan answers back and is more than helpful he even points you in the direction for parts replacement and that Delta has a 800 number, yes anything to help the consumer, so they can come back at you later and try to sue or call you names.

Your third post you claim " I fixed it...I think" well which is it? from the sounds of the post you screwed up the job every which way from Sunday, if I came to your house and did a repair job and responded with a I fixed it I think ,charged you, left, and than received a call back to correct my screw up plus have to correct any damage, would you still pay my bill or the extra time for " I thought I fixed it"?

Still, all in all, Sylvan did a exemplary job of not calling you a screw up instead he just chastised you and related to you the folly of folk trying to be there own trades repair person, as a matter of fact you would be better off doing electrical, than plumbing, insurance companies would rather pay out for a fire than for water damage and if you don't believe this ask those folk who lived where New Orleans once was and who are still trying to rebuild in a flood plain.

In your following post you make reference that this person (Sylvan) with whom you are dealing try's and scolds other posters to this self help site. Where is your common sense now, down the toilet or maybe behind the wall with that Delta Faucet. I'll tell you where it is, its right where you left it, looking out for yourself, you are bargain hunting, looking for a deal or something for nothing. How can you make accusations like that and still want to do business with this individual? edited by Moderator removed personal slur.

Than you ask for a moderator, yeah right, Bob will send a moderator to your house to fix that drippy faucet right along with the $500,000 remodel they'll sell you and you'll more than likely think its the next best thing since sliced white bread.

If you feel you are Forced or attempt to try a repair, to save money, I think it's time for you to consider selling your house and renting. Your own attempts at repair are going to drive you into the poor house and maybe even become hazardous to your health and that of your family.

IMHO of course



07:13AM | 09/08/06
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Wow, plumbers are grumpy and defensive. It's a dirty job, and I am glad I don't have to do it all the time.


09:56PM | 06/19/15
Sounds like you have it all in order.


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