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08:27PM | 07/06/09
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My leach field is 25 or more years old and seems to be clogged. The ground is firm and there is no smell so I believe the leach lines themselves (possibly in addition to the ground) are clogged. I can't replace them due to lakefront restrictions so am stuck with treating the septic as a holding tank. The septic tank was replaced in 2003 and tied into the existing, clogged leach field by the previous owner.

Does anyone have experience with a solution that might work for me? I'd also like to hear if anyone knows of a reputable source that can back up or deny the claims of fixes like (1) the Septic Genie or (2) bacteria/enzyme additives. My septic guy tells me there are no options out there to fix my situation. This advice agrees with much of what I see on the internet that says additives are a waste of time but the sites that sell these things obviously disagree. How can I tell what is truth?


03:44PM | 05/01/13
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04:26AM | 06/13/13
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04:43PM | 04/10/18
I found a cheap easy way to fix leach field problems from the pipes getting clogged with crap. First my story, The guy told me he could fix it for 3 grand. My wife was pissed cause I didn't have the money to fix it. I first bought one of those shocking method for close to $400. I could have saved the money and bought and $200 worth of ridx a flushed them down the toilet. Same thing. It worked but then 6 months later the back yard had puddles of water showing up. So I did it again and every week flushed a pack. It was getting expensive. Well I was learning how to cook cheap steaks and found that salt would tenderize the meat. I noticed my leach field was getting fixed. I knew I was on to something. Lord and behold. I found the best thing to use to tenderize any meat. It's so powerful that it only takes 30mins to turn any cheap meat into soft expensive tasting steak. So Then I knew what I had to do. I went to walmart, bought 5 pineapple, cut them up, like you would eat them. Threw them in a blender and poured it in my drain. Now my leach field is fine. There is something in the pineapple, no joke, Take cheap meat pour the pineapple that came from the blender in if you leave it on the meat more than an hour and a half, well your steak is gone. The pineapple ate it up and now it's nothing but a puddle of meat. It breaks it down somehow. Amazing.


04:36PM | 12/20/18
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I tried Using the Pineapple idea. It does not seem to resolve the problem. How long did it take? If anyone finds a good solution to clear out a failed drain field, let me know.

Would like an udate from the guy who suggested the Pineapple.


12:31PM | 03/02/19
apparently it IS possible to clean-out / un-clog the leach-field pipes:


08:48PM | 07/12/20
If you want to use a enzyme/bacteria product that works try Bio-Clean. It is working for us so far. You need to be patient and the key is to be able to dump it directly into your leach field by the outlet pipe in your tank... as we are, or your distribution box if you have one.


06:31PM | 07/13/20
After my tank was pumped the guy put a ladder into the tank took the suction hose down there and put it on the hole going out, that worked.


01:46AM | 04/05/21
by pass septic tank , go to leach field . use high doses of lye caustic soda or 35% or higher hydrogen peroxide . if leachfield lines get clogged , causes septic tank to back up. this stuff will clean the lines out . it will also kill off all bacteria in lines. you will have to ad extra septic tank additive to septic tank after.


04:17PM | 05/29/21
I dont much about all this so could u explain to me where u put this lye caustic soda or 35% or higher hydrogen peroxide.

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