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06:46PM | 09/16/09
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I recently did some work on my house that required me to shut off the house main water supply. The valve to do that was between the water meter and a Pressure Reducing Valve (I think!) that was made by a company named "Watts." I left the main house water supply valve closed all day while I went to work. When I returned I noticed water had pooled under the PRV (I haven't confirmed that water leaked while the house pressure was off, but now that the house supply valve is open, the leak is very apparent. Upon inspection, it seems water is leaking between the upper and lower brass "hemisperes" of the PRV. My question is this: can I repair the PRV or do I have to have it replaced completely? What other problems could this indicate?


07:59PM | 04/03/15
Dear folks, in Jun 2009, I replaced my leaking house pressure regulator. (I used a Wolverine Brass, 1/2" FIP, #84050, 'Pressure Reducing Valve'). (Our previous unit came with the house, and was 29 years old & began leaking). Recently (~ a year back), the new regulator began to make a squealing noise when the water is turned on & shut off. Also, it makes this noise over and over, during a low flow state at one of our faucets. (As a harmonic vibration of the system). (The sound is coming from the regulator, and not anywhere else. But one can hear it all through the house, as the pipes conduct the sound nicely).
The pressure in the pipes has not increased, seemingly, as evidenced by the same flow rate we've had since installing said new regulator. (It has reduced the pressure significantly from the old unit. A welcomed benefit, as with our old unit, the pressure was somewhat high. Evidenced by the washing machine solenoids no longer banging when the water valves closed). So, regarding this squeal (single occurrence, and repetitive, as a frequency) ¿does this mean this regulator has become damaged? And if so, should I replace it? As mentioned, the faucet's flow rates are nice, and pressure in the house is held nicely low, as required. (For that reason, the unit is functioning properly. It's only the noise that is bothersome (squeal: singly @ water turning on and off, and repetitive:occurring with a low flow condition at a faucet). Please help, if possible. Thank you much.

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