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08:10AM | 07/27/05
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I'm in the process of cleaning out my 100+ year old mother's home and have run across numerous items my father saved from building our home in the 1940s and his salvage forays in the area in the 1960s. Among my 'finds' so far are two bundles of brand new asbestos-cement siding, plus the equivalent of about two bundles more that were carefully removed without serious damage from another old house in the neighborhood.

Because I've heard the word 'asbestos' in a negative light for so long ... I'm curious whether these can be sold? I know there are folks looking for replacements ... but am I risking legal problems if I try to sell these?

Thanks for any help you can give!


02:24PM | 07/27/05
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As far as I know, there is no law that would prohibit your selling a few pieces here and there--if you can find a buyer. I've seen stuff like this on ebay (usually small quantities, however). I'm not sure what kind of person would actually buy asbestos siding to install it however. If you do, I'd be interested in knowing about it. Just call it professional curiosity. Good luck!

Fortress Environmental Solutions


03:33PM | 10/04/05
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I am very much interested in purchasing some old asbestos cement siding. The reason is that some of siding shingles in my old house have been damaged and I would like to replace them.


03:35PM | 10/06/05
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Likewise I have several squares of salvaged asbestos roof shingles. They are 16 x 16 x 1/8". I have about 2 squares of dutch pattern (layed square to eaves with 3 to 4 inch overlap) and 2 squares of french/hexagonal pattern (layed 45 degrees to the eaves with a chamfered corner). This isn't enough to roof a house but is good for replacement or repair. These were salvaged and have a nice weathered patina that can't be duplicated with new material. Located in Texas.



02:10PM | 04/20/06
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To AVeryOldHome - do you still have the siding from your mother's home?

To anyone else - interested in buying this siding. Please respond


08:39PM | 07/25/06
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I have about 1500 sq ft of unbroken used asbestos cement siding. White in collor. I know there are people who want to replace broken pieces, email me at I haev found this is hard to find.


08:35AM | 08/05/06
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I am looking for at least 6 or 7 pieces of asbestos-cement siding (wavy preferred but any will do). I need this to make repairs on an old home. Do you possible have 6-7 pieces you are willing to sell to me?

Thank you,



09:07AM | 08/05/06
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Hi Shirley -- and others:

Yes, I still have the siding. Haven't had a chance to list it on the auctions, but will probably do so soon.

Please let me know at if you want some before I auction it and I'll try to accommodate you. I have both *new* and carefully-removed salavage pieces.

I'll need to pull some and see what packed weight is for shipping, but will get back to anyone interested as soon as possible.




05:44PM | 08/05/06
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All interested in replacing old fiber cement shingles should check out a company called Weatherside, which has been bought by GAF. They produce exact replicas of the fiber cement shingles, only without the asbestos. Here is a link to their website where these shingles may be ordered online:


10:40AM | 08/06/06
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I am looking to buy some white asbestos siding to replace in an old home I have.

You can also reach me by my email:

Thank you,



07:49AM | 08/13/06
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Do you still plan on selling some of the old siding? I still need 8 pieces of white to complete a job.

Thank you,



08:10PM | 01/04/07
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Do you still have any asbestos siding for sale. I could use some for replacement


03:59PM | 09/17/07
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I'm in the process of residing an old house and have carefully removed the asbestos shingles so as to not break them. I have 2 different styles of with the wave on the bottom side of the siding. One has a wood grain pattern in it and is 12" x 27". The other is just straight lines and is 12" x 24" (I don't have as much of this as just an additon of the house was covered with it). I will have several pieces I'd like to sell as well as several partial pieces from around windows and such to get rid of. If interested contact me @


06:19PM | 09/25/08
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Looking for some 12"x24" asbestos shingles with wavy and textured pattern. Do you still have some left if these are the ones?




06:04AM | 11/20/09
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I am interested in your 16x16 tiles (run parallel to the ridge). Are they intact, and do you have the copper clips required to hold down the exposed corner? Could I see a photo? How much were you looking to get, and what would we do about shipping to Virginia?


01:38PM | 04/06/14
I am looking for a few asbestos roof tiles to replace some minor damage to an old home. Do you still have the shingles? If so, please send an email to


12:42PM | 10/07/16
I need about a half dozen Asbestos roofing ridge caps. 404 454 8796


09:06PM | 10/15/17
We are getting ready to renovate a 1920s Craftsman that is about 1560 square foot. It is all asbestos siding in excellent condition. If you are interested in these shingles please let me know before we demo at


07:13PM | 03/21/18
I have asbestos siding for sale. I have new old stock and reclaimed pieces. PLEASE know that you are NOT to cut or drill this material. Replace whole pieces only. Use GAF non-asbestos Weatherside replacement for any pieces that must be cut.Weatherside is available by special order at Home Depot or online at GAF. Richard .


07:19PM | 03/21/18
Richard Owens. Asbestos siding. 912.585.7463.


10:19PM | 10/30/18
I have several asbestos roof shingles for sale. I have some that are new and some that are used take offs in good shape. Located in central pa. Email if interested.


09:26AM | 11/16/19
I’d be interested in the siding


09:27AM | 11/16/19
I’d be interested in the siding


11:49PM | 04/15/20
I have about 1000 unused asbestos slate for sale call 985-969-0052


11:51PM | 04/15/20
Call 9859690052


09:41PM | 04/21/20
Any asbestos siding tiles still available?


08:46AM | 05/10/20
Hello I probably have 40 maybe 60 asbestos roofing tiles


08:48AM | 05/10/20
you can contact me at 251.442.6206 my name is Scott leave a voice mail or text if interested


03:48AM | 05/22/20
I have several asbestos shingles and ridgeline shingles for sale.

Email me at:


12:59PM | 05/31/20
I have house that has Rose asbestos cement shingles. Is there salvagers interested? 423-667-4410


02:02AM | 09/26/20
I am getting ready to remove the asbestos siding panels off my house if interested email


11:14PM | 12/14/20
I have about 50 squares of asbestos roofing shingles still in the box never opened and the ceramic ridge caps to match. You can call me at 985 212 0082.


08:55AM | 03/18/21
I am searching for asbestos siding shingles. They have a wave pattern and wood texture. I have a few broken ones on my 1920's house and would like to replace them. Please email me at :


01:25PM | 04/13/21
I am wanting to replace the entire roof so if anyone needs asbestos roofs tiles I may have some. 251-510-1988. Or if somebody wants to pay to have the whole thing removed that would be great too and take it all!! Lol!!!


05:33PM | 05/12/21
I live in lubbock and have a whole house of that asbestos siding that I have removed there in excellent condition call (806)775-0541


01:50PM | 06/22/21
Getting ready to take down an old slate roof that has no leaks,in Houston. Contact me at


12:22PM | 07/02/21
I live near St. Louis and have some asbestos siding if interested call 1 636 297-6641. I also have a cutting tool for the siding


12:24PM | 07/02/21
I live near St. Louis and have some asbestos siding if interested call 1 636 297-6641. I also have a cutting tool for the siding


10:09PM | 08/06/21
I am in need of about 12 pieces of asbestos siding measuring 12" x 24" wavy on the bottom. I am in Pennsylvania.
Thank you


01:39AM | 11/06/21
Anyone have any asbestos siding for sale close to north Florida,


08:21PM | 02/27/22
Hello all, I'm a contractor in Georgetown tx and in the process if roving asbostos single from a 1000 sq home
If anyone is interested please reply to

Thank you

Ps, looking to remove this week

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