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12:19PM | 03/29/07
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Does anyone know where I can get plans for a 7' or 8' wood lighthouse?

I want my husband to build one with our mailbox built into it.


05:14PM | 09/06/09
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I got plans to do this just send me an email and I can help you.It is really simple to do , I just built one in an afternoon short of paint.Basically the top is half the diameter of the bottom and the angle of the sides equate to somthing close to 45 deg. If you use teh formula for circumfence you will get your basic material sizes.Example to make one from metal like I just did in an afternoon I used a 6 " top and a 12" bottom.Using Pi x diam (12" * PI (3.14)= 37.68" divide that by 2 =18.84" call it 19" now add another 1" for the overlap of the metal and you get 20" Do the same for your top and if you do the math using 6" for the top you will get around 20" devid that by 2 and get 10" .Now you can see that tour sheet metal will be 20" at the bottom and 10 "at the top whic will allow about 1/2 " overlap to rivit the sides together.You can use any measurement to achieve these results.My project was for a 4' lighthouse , I also cut a 12" circle which I set on top of my cone to make the walk way which holds a light.Add a piecs of chicken wire or mesh and it makes the railing.Go to a garage sale or a Lowes type store and find a light that you like and use that for your top ,you can also use a solar light.


05:26PM | 04/28/21 I’d like to have a copy of your lighthouse plan. I’m wanting to build one for our pastor and his wife for their yard.

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