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01:58AM | 08/29/07
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We have joined two mobile homes and would like some help on how to open the walls to enlarge the living space.

Thank you


02:09AM | 08/29/07
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02:23AM | 08/29/07
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Thanks but no thanks. Your reply was very rude. We need some serious help here and not rude remarks. Contrary to what you might think we are not trailer trash. Would you like to supply the old sweaters and old tires?


01:04PM | 01/27/08
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I can't say as how I've ever heard of what you're suggesting being done. But it does seem to me that you can't open up the space between the two trailers by just opening it up like a can opener. The problem would be supporting the roof when you don't have the walls, which normally do the job.

You might be able to proceed the same way you'd proceed in making a large hole in a load-bearing wall - put some kind of beam to hold up the roof, with occasional posts to hold the beam up. However, that would be a lot of work, and a lot of money. Not to mention the resulting overall structure would not be very strong without a lot of building up, and it would be difficult to seal up from the weather outside.

I think you'd be better off just making do with a limited number of doorways between them. At least it would be a lot less to seal. And the preceding comment may have been rude, but he's right about the expanding foam and paneling/molding.


08:18AM | 08/19/09
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Sorry that person gave you such a terrible response. I'm always so surprised people have that kind of time and energy to be mean.

What you're asking about I've seen done before. If I understand the process correctly after attaching the two a single roof is built over both with supports added as necessary for the span then interior walls are removed. Good Luck!



03:47PM | 07/28/14
It is hard to believe that on a web site of home improvements such as Bob Villa, that since 2009 there were only two responses to this question. Someone should open their minds and see this question as a serious one, instead of thinking everything should conform to the upper class form! Shame on Bob Villa for not answering.


08:56PM | 08/31/14
I just imagine if Bob Vila couldn't make a show out of it he wouldn't do it. so he probably thinks no one would want to watch something like that. but I would. I was thinking of doing the same thing. I have a chance to get a second mobile home and add it to mine because I cannot afford to buy a double wide and I need more room.


10:52PM | 10/12/15
We done it and made 2 4 ft openings where one back door was and the front door of the other. We now have 4 bedrooms,Kitchen, 14x24 Living room 2 baths a dining room and weight/tanning bed room all for under 20,000.00


02:17PM | 01/24/16
Did you put one roof over the whole thing? And how did you enclose the space between the two trailers? Both at the ends and at the passage ways?


07:41PM | 05/31/16


06:12PM | 09/26/18
My dad did this. They used a an 8in I beam to support the middle where they opened up the 2 walls. It's been about 10 years and he hasn't had any issues.


02:23PM | 11/21/21
Trailer trash my hiney ;) I bet they were given most of their taken for granted comforts... I bet alse have no creative instinct.. I live in small shed while trying to build my dream house alone in the West Virginia Southern Areà aslong as your happy homes home... shoot for the sun, if u miss you still land umongst a Star so neither is truly bizzare it doesn't matter where you are, chances to the better will only better Nomatter the place, wherever the face, happiness is within the people found in your Space AMD

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