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03:33PM | 06/11/02
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Imagine our surprise last week when our air conditioner failed, well if not surprise then imagine our sweaty forheads

So after 2 visits from repair crews
1. from the local electric company who said our system was leaky and the unit needed replacment
2. from a heating/ac company (recommended by a friend) and after pointing to the gauges, explained to me that the compressor was shot.

The upshot to all this is that we have to replace a 10 year old heat pump/AC unit that was provided with out new home at that time.

And We have been told that you can expect 10-15 years from a heat pump and it seems now is the time to bite the bullet and buy a new unit. (I guess we really didn't need a vacation this year)

I am dounbfounded by the terminology/lingo and what is the best way to proceed. money is important but we would rather spend the correct amount of money to get the best unit.

1) If you change the outdoor unit should you change the indoor unit? (slightly less effecient I could live with, needing work in 2 years because of this would be bad)

2) What SEER should be used? seems that the cost per SEER unit works out to 350 per SEER unit in purchase cost (We were quoted a 10 and a 12)

3) Goodman, Carrier, Trane, Rheem ? Is this as simple as ford / chevy or GE / Westinghouse?

4) What would you really look for ? How noisey, how efficient, length and type of warranty, ? Ok I realize this is silly. Just fishing for experienced opinions

5) Does the contractor typically remove the old equipment or must we agree on this upfront?

6) Aparently the builder just barely sized the unit (arguably close)for our house Does it make sense to up grade by a certain percentage (BTU or tons)?

7) How long should we expect a quality heat pump to last? I assume you pay a premium for that quality.

That is the end of my mad rambling, I am so totally lost just looking at some pricing on a quote sheet. Before I buy I am going to try to get some education.



01:52AM | 06/12/02
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Great and thanks for the reply. I also appreciate the suggestion for an alternate heat source. My wife is not a big fan of the heat pump during the colder winter months. It gives us something else to think about.

We can live with a little summer heat while we decide what to purchase and continue our education.



07:06PM | 10/02/02
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Hi Dean,
I am looking at the same perdicament, 10 yr old rheem heat pump.
Who did you end up with ?
How much should I expect to spend?
My a coil has black spots on it if I look at it from the inside' is this bad??

Thanks for any advice you can give me!

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