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12:58PM | 06/28/06
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Help! My bedroom smells like maple syrup. I don't know where it is coming from. I think maybe it's the heater?


07:25PM | 05/14/13
could be a coolant leak


10:07PM | 05/19/13
it's not a coolant leak the refrigerant has no smell and the oil would stink but it would smell like oil
so lets see do you have forced air gas or electric do you smell it when the heat come's on or all the time if you only smell it when the heat come on start checking your vents that is if there not on the ceiling or check the return good luck


10:15AM | 08/01/16
Do you or your children eat maple and brown sugar flavored oatmeal? Is it heated in the microwave? My daughter loves that stuff and will eat it day and night. When she does, my house stinks of the stuff and gives me a headache. The microwaves exhaust the smell and the air intake for the AC pushes the smell through the vents.


03:50PM | 08/04/16
grabbed some planks of old wood neighbor was throwing out,building is 90yrs old,clearing out basement,but wood smells like maple syrup,is it ok to cleanup and use?probally from ceiling in basement.Thank you so much


10:44PM | 06/28/17
My house is brand new, well as of one year. In the back bedroom it has a odd smell of maple syrup. A new bed hardly been used and a tv. That's all that's in that room. It's a spare room. Carpet. Blinds. Nothing else. I can't pin point where the smells coming from.


01:08PM | 12/31/17
Did you ever find the solution. I’m facing the same thing.


01:34PM | 05/05/18
It’s the tape they used to seal up the furnace.


08:46AM | 05/09/18
Who did you contact to find that out?


08:50PM | 05/13/18
I thought the smell at my house was a house plant. its driving me crazy to figure this out.


06:28PM | 01/15/19
I have the same problem with this oily , maple smell, took out all air fresheners and changed fabric softener,still this smell just won’t go away.
I’m going to talk to the AC company that installed a air conditioner about three years ago.In my corner of the bedroom the smell is all Day and night.
Can’t get a breath of fresh air while in bed.


07:45PM | 02/19/19
I have a portable Haier air conditioner, we have been using it for about 2 years and all at once it started smelling like maple syrup coming from the vent. I took it outside, took it apart cleaned everything and bleached the bottom of pan. It still smells like maple syrup. The type of Freon is R410A some say it a leak. I have let this machine run for hours . It is still blowing cold air.
My question is have you ever seen this happen before.


10:46AM | 03/17/19
My sickly maple syrup smell is nearly constant now, not connected to when the natural gas furnace goes on. The answers online do not seem to address the issue. Calling the HVAC tech for another $$ home visit seems to be the only recourse. It began after the annual maintenance -service -this past fall. NOT the prior year or two with the new furnace and natural gas.


09:15PM | 04/03/19
Hi all- I Am experiencing the same thing now! Did hvac people figure it out?!


04:16PM | 04/27/19
No, they laughed, charged nearly $100, couldn't smell anything b/c their clothing reeked of fuel oil, but guessed it must be "spilled chemicals!" They said to open windows & air out house when weather gets warm enough. That's NOT a solution, would be temporary. It is awful. from BV018901,


05:51PM | 06/12/19
I just read an artilcle that said fenugreek (the leaves, spice, and tea) could cause the smell. I've been having the same issue, since getting a brand new GE air conditioner. After reading that article, I realized that my roomate had been consuming fenugreek. I believe there is some growing in the neighbors garden (I'm not a botanist LOL).


04:25PM | 07/11/19


10:33AM | 11/04/19
we're having the same problem in one of our rentals. The entire building is hardwood floors and hard surfaces other than some rugs. The smell is intense in the stairwell area between the second and third floors. We've cleaned the entire building, washed the carpets, floors, walls, moved and cleaned the fridge, stove, microwave, coffee filter, dishwasher, aired out the house for days, etc. Still there. It must be in the walls. Someone mentioned mold. Is there a way to detect mold without tearing apart the walls?


09:45AM | 12/10/19
Sounds to me like the maple oatmeal. Just started when my Granddaughter started microwaving that stuff. I love maple but not this much. That's what I'm sticking to.


01:49PM | 12/29/19
I have the same issue in my downstairs bathroom. Brand new house only 2 years old and new smell in the last month. AC and heat has been checked and still smells when it’s off and not running. Help!


11:03PM | 01/09/20
Possibly roaches. Their odor has been described as that of smelling like maple syrup.


12:08AM | 04/05/20
It's interesting that you mention a maple syrup smell and things that need to be washed. My cat's collar is fabric, not plastic and it smells like maple syrup. Interesting. I wonder what it is.


09:22AM | 06/17/20
If this maple syrup smell is so popular why hasn't anyone found a solution yet ?
I turned on the A/C last night at 6 and by 8PM the whole back of the house smelling maple. New furnace and A/C , 5 months old, has to be a connection ? . ?
I have HVAC guy coming today but he said on the phone that he's never heard of this.


05:46AM | 07/29/20
In response to this guy: BV022707. I'm wondering the same thing! Seems to be a common issue?


04:06AM | 08/03/20
Read all these comments, hoping someone would figure out how it relates to coolant leaks and how to fix it in A/Cs. If it’s harmful and if it should be handled a certain way to avoid harmful exposure. I just smelt it for a second time today after turning on the A/C. Put my nose to it and got a strong smell a few times. Google says it’s not good so I’m not taking any chances. It’s going away until table it’s fixed.
Oatmeal in a microwave would be easy to detect the source. But it seems like it’s hard to find the source in a lot of case when you don’t know what to look for. Coolant in an A/C is first step. Even while off it could still smell if it’s leaking.


05:36PM | 02/21/21


01:03PM | 03/30/21
Ok so, my client has this issue. She smells like maple syrup, her son does and her cats. She constantly burns an awful amount of scentsy wax melts and it started to linger in the air, basically making it toxic. She wasn’t using maple scented anything and kids started making fun of her son because he smelled weird. If you are using wax melts from scentsy please stop. Her son has slight respiratory issues now. Ever since she stopped, her house smells kinda normal and it’s getting better. She got headaches all the time before. I hope that helps!


11:15PM | 07/25/21
The problem is a leak of your refrigerant, the oil in it causes the sweet smell; most likely in your coil of you air handler.


12:38AM | 07/28/21
Coolant was my first thought, but sometimes I smell it outside, sometimes in the garage, sometimes in the kitchen. It is not constant either. I can't figure out common denominator?


08:26PM | 09/20/21
Check your blinds!! I just smelled my blinds, long term sun exposure to the coating on them they have developed a maple syrup smell


08:55AM | 10/26/21
Been experiencing this same smell, it's so obnoxious but only in the early mornings between 4 and 5:30 am. Looked up some things, sounds like your neighborhood has a meth lab close by, especially if you leave your windows open. It's really a sickly sweet smell.


12:11AM | 10/28/21
I have an old clock from the 1890s that smells like maple syrup…Also just got some wood today from an old church built in the 1830s that also smells like maple syrup. No one on the internet has answers..

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