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07:39PM | 10/08/07
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I bought a Pellet Stove at the end of the heating season last year, with the idea of using it as an add on to a gas furnace that I have. I heat about 1400 square feet, which is fairly easy to heat. The Pellet Stove radiates the heat off of the front of the stove, but only through a small blower and a vent like opening about 6" x 24". My idea was to put a duct off of the vent and duct into my duct work after just after the blower. The guy that I talked to about installing the Pellet Stove has suggested that instead that I set up the stove to heat the area around the cold air return going into the furnace. The way the furnace is set up, there is a large cold air return right by the furnace, and this way the heated air goes up one side of the area and comes down the other side. It has worked reasonably well. My question, is the idea of heating up the air that is going into the cold air return, (We are talking cold air return is less than two feet from the furnace, almost on the ground) does this make sense. This guy is second Pellet Stove/Corn Stove person that has talked about running heat into the cold air return. Will either of these ideas really work? If I heat up the air going into the cold air return, will it cause the blower on my gas furnace to kick in to distribute the warmed air through the duct work. The Pellet Stove will be vented separately from the Gas furnace. I would be interested in knowing what others think of either of these ideas.


08:56PM | 10/08/07
Member Since: 10/07/07
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O.K., for what this guy is recommending, would it make sense to try to capture the heat thrown off from the stove by attaching duct work right to the vent area on the stove and sending it directing to the cold air return on the furnace. I don't know what temperature wood pellet stove generate right at the stove before the heat is difused through the room, but if the stove heat could be some what contained and ducted into the cold air return, I am thinking I could probably heat that air going in at about 1oo degrees. It seems to me that I would continue to need the current return air I am getting into the furnace to circulate the air. My thought is that it would not be a particularly efficient use of the heat generated by the pellet stove. Without trying to contain the heat generated from the Pellet Stove, the room where the Stove is located will have to be awfully hot for it to make any kind of difference. Am I correct?


01:40PM | 03/04/14
Change your mind set. Its not a "cold air return" it is a return air. (newer construction return air vents are near the ceiling so the furnace doesn't have to warm the air as much) Change the setting on your thermostat to always have the fan on. The furnace fan will accept your hot air and distribute it around the house.


02:55PM | 02/07/18
It is a Cold Air Return.... doesnt matter what you want to call it if it is a newer home or not.


10:56AM | 06/15/21
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