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08:10PM | 04/13/04
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I am completly stumped. Six months ago the tile guy was cutting bathroom tile in the garage and popped a breaker (I thought). I checked all circuts and none were tripped. I then looked closely at the outlet and it had a little sticker identifying it as a GFI protected outlet. No problem I said, I simply find the tripped plug and reset it. Six month later I still can't find it. The plug by the sinks in the upstairs bathroom is also on this circuit. I have searched high and low and cannot find a tripped GFI plug anywhere. I have taken my tester to every plug in the house and still no luck. I changed out the garage plug without any success. Looked in the attic, the basement and outside to no avail. Out of desperation I called the builder of the house (12 years old) hoping to locate the original electrician in case he could remember - no luck, retired and moved to florida. Any ideas short of completely rewiring the bath and garage plugs?

Desperate in Atlanta,



03:11AM | 04/14/04
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Have you tried any receptacles outside? Also is it possible that there is another receptacle somewhere in the garage behind a cabinet or something.


04:42AM | 04/14/04
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Checked all outside receptacles and just painted the garage so am sure I didn't miss one. Thanks


06:29AM | 04/14/04
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I'm not an electrician. I have a breaker in my service panel. It controls the GFCI. When it trips it only goes about 1/2 way. To turn it back on you have to completly trip the breaker then move it back to the "on" position. I think my breaker has a red test button on it.

Hope this helps,



07:04PM | 04/14/04
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Thanks Devildog, I tried this before but tried it again. Still no luck



11:36AM | 04/15/04
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Keep looking for the GFCI. I have heard of them being in very weird places sometimes. I heard of one being in the attic once. That was a really dumb idea.


02:44PM | 04/15/04
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Thanks Joed, the attic was one of the first places I looked; heard the same thing.


03:52PM | 04/15/04
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Have you checked each breaker in your panel to make sure they are providing power out? Exactly how many receptacles are not powered and where are they? Have you checked to see if you have power from hot to ground?

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