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10:07AM | 03/30/08
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Is this possible? I have a water fountain in my home that had a non gfi plug connected to a wall switch that turned the pump on and off. I put a gfi plug in to avoid electrical shock if the water pump fails, but I cannot get the wall switch to operate the gfi plug.


09:03AM | 04/02/08
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You obviously didn't wire the new one the same way as the old one. Describe how the old one was wired and what wires are in the receptacle box.


02:41PM | 04/02/08
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the original plug had the pin broken off the hot side. The neutral wire coming from the switch was connected to the bottom of the plug on the hot side by it self and the hot black wire was connected to to the top. The hot wire coming from the breaker box and neutral were connected on top.

However my gfi doesnt have the pins on the side like the plug, it only has 2 holes in the back for line in hot, 2 for neutral and the same on the top load side.

If I have to I may just get a portable gfi and plug it into the old socket. Any suggestions would be great.

doug seibert

06:22AM | 04/03/08
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I understand.....

You had a standard duplex receptacle that had one-half half was always ON........the problem is that a GFCI is not able to be split wired this way.......

You CAN have this switch operate the entire GFCI receptacle......Is this what you want ?


The cable from the panel has a Hot(Black) and a Neutral(White) wires.......

The cable to the switch is called a "switch loop".....'altho the wires are black and white....THEY ARE BOTH HOT WIRES......and the white should be re-marked black with a marker or paint.......

The grounds are connected to each other and any metal box and the GFCI green screw........

The Panel-White wire connects to the GFCI-Neutral/White/Silver connection....

The SwitchLoop-Black wire connects to the GFCI-Hot/Black/Brass connection...

The remaining Panel-Hot/Black wire connects to the SwitchLoop-White(remarked black) with a wirenut.......

The "Hot" wire is switched.....the Neutral remains connected......

Also.....NEW GFCI's are shipped in a tripped/locked state AND they need power to Reset/latch.........

After hooking up the switch and GFCI and plugging in the will need to:

Turn ON the Breaker....

Turn ON the switch....

and finally RESET the GFCI.....

Fountain should be working now with the switch operating the receptacle......

the GFCI will still be latched so the wall switch will still turn it ON/OFF without having to reset the GFCI.....

Sometimes the GFCI will lose the "latch" when shut OFF for a period of time and need to be reset.........

"......measure Once.....cut Twice....

throw that one away and cut a new one...."


01:56PM | 04/03/08
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hey man! thanks alot for the help.


10:55PM | 08/29/15
Whoever this is, you are amazing! I spent like an hour trying to figure this out! THANK YOU!!!


10:18AM | 11/22/15
Hi, I am replacing a 2-switch arrangement with 3-toggle switches. The 3rd switch will be used to toggle a gfci outdoors (holiday lighting). Everything is fed from one source. All 4 black wires (3-loads,1-source) are capped together and connected to hot side of switch (all 3 switches use a single hot connection) and the white used to the gfci is connected to the other side of the switch. Gfci is wired correctly, but I cannot get gfci to work. What did I wire incorrectly? Thank you.

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