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04:46AM | 05/09/03
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How do I get faded vinyl siding looking good again, Pressure washing didn't do much is there a cleaner or restore out THERE???


05:21AM | 05/10/03
There is no way to bring back the color once it has faded. The only thing to do is make sure you have a good quality vinyl siding installed when you have it replaced.


02:30PM | 05/10/03
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If it is faded so much that washing will not bring it back you should go on and paint it rather than replacing it with more vinyl siding at this time. You will need to use an acrylic exterior paint that is not any darker in color than the siding was when it was new to make sure it does not warp. The Duron Paint Company has a paint made for this use and it is called Siding In A Can and it comes in a satin and a semi-gloss finish.
As I always say vinyl is not final.


08:32PM | 05/15/03
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good call on the painting idea. before you start that however it may be a good idea to get in touch with the siding manufacturer to see if it may still be under warranty most vinyl is under warranty for at least 10 years. As soon as you start painting you can kiss your warranty goodbye, so double check first. if you are unsure of the mfr. take off a piece of siding and look on the locking part of it (top), usually it will say there. good luck


08:14PM | 02/28/04
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liers, Yes there are products to help remove the oxidised vinyl. It is usually in a for the works as a detergent in a pressure washer, watter isnt good enough! Have fun good luck


06:28AM | 03/02/04
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No help from me I just want to comment on vinal isnt final,I may have to use that in some ad's I print up.

Pretty good 5:)


09:09PM | 03/02/04
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Vinyl would be the proper word not "vinal", and this might be a sign you should not do your own advertising. Hopefully you have done the research to be a qualified installer if you are doing this for a living! Also remember almost everything need maintaining. Take care and do good work!


02:03PM | 03/03/04
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R U fore shure thaat is spilled like thaat?


My mistake,yes I do my own advertising and sign logo.I usually don't do any proof reading when writing posts just let the fingers go.

So u may find mistakes in my typing but Prolly not in my painting.

But thanks for the correction.I don't mind positive criticism,but be warned I will be watching.


01:56PM | 03/07/04
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Thanks RET.

I do expect payment if you use that slogan in your ads.



08:58PM | 03/16/14
If the siding is in good shape (no cracks, etc) you can apply a vinyl restoration product. The best one we have found and use is Vinyl Renu. If you have a contracting business you can get a pretty good deal on larger quantities if you call them. Google vinyl renu and the site will come up.


09:13AM | 04/06/15
I'm pretty sure it is spelled Renew.



09:58AM | 09/16/15
No, the brand name is vinyl renu 5 gallon is $399.00 if on sale covers 1700 sq feet


12:42AM | 10/09/17
VinylBoost by Handyman Labs is another product people should check out. It restores faded siding back to its original colour. It lasts a few years. Doesn’t cost much, around $250 will do an average home. Google or Facebook VinylBoost or Handyman Labs and you’ll find them.


07:13AM | 02/04/20
Warranties on siding are not what they are cracked up to be. I bought my home new one 2012 and the siding on the front gable end has faded bad. Contacted the manufacturer and they say without the receipt there’s nothing they can do. Who gets all the receipts for all the products used in their new home?? I think I’ll try painting.


05:37PM | 11/19/20
Please help. Buying this house with vinyl siding that was missing siding when I signed contract to buy, owners guaranteed siding to be added before closing, but as you can see in photos, the siding they put on does not match. What can I do??!!!!


05:39PM | 11/19/20
The pictures did not add for some reason. But it’s one main side of the house with half a light blue and the other half dark blue.

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