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01:08PM | 04/21/09
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We're having a screened porch built, with a beadboard ceiling. I have heard that there is a color of blue that repels spiders and other bugs. I'm thinking it may be a robin's egg blue, but I'm not sure, and I'm also not sure whether this is true or just an old Southern wives' tale. Three different contractors who bid on our project said they were familiar with this, but could not tell me what shade of blue.


03:12PM | 04/21/09
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It does work to keep bugs off of the ceiling. The color is a blue with a hint of green and no there is not a standard color that is on a color chart.


03:53PM | 04/21/09
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Honestly, if this works, then don't you think that the paint companies should name that shade something like "Spider Repellant Blue" or something? We were talking about this at work today, and everyone is now looking for the right shade...

doug seibert

06:00PM | 04/21/09
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The classic color is Haint Blue......

and most "paint" stores I've dealt with have it in their computer by name

BUT I don't know about the spiders.....the color is supposed to discourage flies

"......measure Once.....cut Twice....

throw that one away and cut a new one...."


09:21PM | 06/12/13
Hi, I am about as artistiic as a rock, but want to exrecise the left side of my brain, so looking for a work-out. Also considering for my 11-year old son who is very creative and imaginative.So, inquiring about watercolor class expectations, etc., to see if something like this might be a fit. Thank-you!P.S. Love, love, love the watercolor hanging in Dr. Yamaki's office in Federal Way. That is how I discovered your beautiful talent.

Bob Vila

01:58PM | 10/02/13
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Hi there!

Great questions — so great, in fact, I wanted everyone to see it!

Check out my answer right here:

Thanks for the question!

-Bob Vila


06:34PM | 10/03/20
It’s porch paint Sherwin Williams 9063

But any water color, aqua sea color will deter spiders from building nests. Spider run from sky’s bc they like protection.


12:44AM | 04/17/22
No colour works to repel spiders, or wasps for that matter or any other bugs except, it does SEEM help to repel dirt dobbers, which are wasp-like flying insects that build nests out of dirt.

I have seen the sky blue ceiling all my life on porch ceilings in the south, and have been managing an antebellum property for 3 years with 2 huge light blue porch ceilings.
This idea of light blue ceilings repelling bugs is largely myth. It comes from thinking bugs &/or spiders will think the area is 'sky' and therefore not try to nest on it. Wish it was true. If it was, we would paint every square inch of every exterior surface sky blue, wouldn't we.
Meanwhile, yearly pressure washing - typically at the end if summer or early fall, & weekly spraying of something that repels & kills bugs & spiders is the only thing that works.

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