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02:15PM | 03/08/05
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I purchased 840 sq ft of 3/8 X 3" Brazilian Chery from Lumber Liquidators in December. For the last two months it has been stored inside. I recently started installing it and noticed the end cuts of the planks were not square. LL is not standing behind their warranty claiming the moisture content (16%) was too high resulting from improper storage. I've seen moisture warp, bow and cup wood but would it change the dimension of a machined end-cut?


10:02AM | 06/07/05
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Just a heads up to any people who are crazy enough to buy Bellawood products. Bellawood (previously Husky Hardwood Floors) had it's small plant in Colonial Heights, VA.I had been in the place several times and witnessed what a sloppy operation they had. It really amazes me that these issues are only starting to surface.

If your interested in finding out what kind of a person Tom Sullivan is, you ought to try asking the many, many companies and individuals who have had to take him to court to only do what he said he would do.

Sometimes I wonder if he changed the name to Bellawood because of all the problems with Husky. And soon I will not be suprised if he changes Bellawood to something else...


10:43AM | 06/08/05
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I had a problem with antire shipment of Bellawood Brazilian Cherry that Bellawood initially refused to honor. I logged a complaint with Bob Vila since he is a spokesperson for Bellawood. When Bob replied to my complaint, I forwarded his e-mail to Tom Sullivan with some additional research I conducted on the defect (end cuts not square). Tom finally responded favorably to replace the flooring. Even at that the replacement flooring contained two boxes of factory seconds which Bellawood later agreed to take back. I agree that Bellawood is not a reputable company to do business with. You should also send a complaint to Rush Limbaugh. He is also a spokesperson for Bellawood.


12:17PM | 06/25/05
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I just got 43 boxes over 2000 sq ft of bad santos mahogany! the finish has dustparticles in it in which I was told that was the aluminum oxide from LL. the finish is also not even on many planks, the tounge and groove was put on some of the wrong sides, there are scratches on many pieces as well, the color is not very consistant either. basically horrible! I went with bella as they boast to be the best! now my house is torn apart awaiting installation and I have no wood. I had to pay all my crew for today, and I am sure LL will not reimburse me for this. they dont want to reimburse also for the 1 box of wood that was nailed down before discovering after picking and choosing through the boxes that there was a problem. I am waiting to hear from the regional mgr.

Has anyone else had luck with reimbursement for all the consequenses??


04:28PM | 04/17/06
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Did the next batch come out Ok?



01:26PM | 08/01/06
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Thanks for the letters re: Bellawood.I went to the BetterBusinessBureau of New York site and found that they only had ONE complaint against them (Tom Sullivan-owner!!!).More people should report/complain. I've seen BV advertise this Bellawood many times, but I'll rely more on your responses. You've saved me a lot of time, and more importantly----MONEY.


04:30AM | 09/15/08
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I wish I had found this site and topic sooner.

in late may I purchased roughly 430 sq. ft of 3" wide by 1/2" thick australian cypress from lumber liquidators.

I wanted 3/4" thick, but l.l. claimed I was wasting my money.

this wood was for our summer home which is a year round home in the northern part of wisc. . I initially wanted a rustic hickory but was talked out of it due to hickories tendency to move and twist in the humid weather as well as not faring well in quick temp swings.

I was further told that cypress is a great wood for extreme temp/humidity changes. we will be heating our home in winter but it will be kept in the upper 50-s low 60s.

so based on the information given me by L.L. ,I purchased the wood.

last week or 9-05-08 I noticed that the boards had begun to cup ! there are no open tung to grooves. but the floor looks like its waving at me !!! further, i spent the extra money to cleat the floor [as recommended by lumber liq.]rather than to simply staple it .

everything was installed to the letter by a competent floor man.

now 2 months later this wood is junk ?

I am calling lumber liq. this morning and going to fully pursue this to the point of contesting the purchase with my c.c. company.

hard to believe with what i am reading that vila or limbaugh would put their names in association with these knuckleheads.



02:55PM | 01/04/09
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I installed 3/8" Santos Mahogany in Jan '08. Shortly after installation, dozens of linear defects appeared in the finish ranging in length from 2" to 8". Most of them start at the end of a board. To me, it looks like the wood had cracks and they eventually caused the finish to fail in those areas. I've tried contacting Bellawood through their e-mail feedback twice with no response. I'll try calling them next to see what they will do. 50 year warranty my foot.
8357 bellawood defects


02:29PM | 01/13/09
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Intersting they talked you out of hickory.

We put hickory down in our play room this spring. An Anderson FLoor!

With hickory being one of the hardest woods, we thought it would be great in case the kids dropped something on it, plus it is the computer room so it sees LOT of action.

We live in NORTHERN OHIO...extreme temperatures as well. I have not seen ANY problems with our floor> Best thing we could have put in. Perhaps after this winter i may say different but right now...loving it. Even the floor layer thought it a good choice (need I say expensive choice though)


11:37AM | 02/05/09
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I have been told this is the best by several flooring companies (not Lumber Liquidators, they scare me). In my opinion you made a good choice. I have just about decided on this brand for a new home my wife and I are about to start.


12:06PM | 02/05/09
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not only did lumber liquidators talk me out of domestic hickory, they also said I should go with 1/2" instead of 3/4...said it was more forgiving.. according to the knuckleheads at lumber diquidators, cypress is a swamp wood that does not suffer from huge temp/humidity changes as do our domestic species..

I am of the mindset that lumber liquidators merely have warm bodies to peddle overstock or factory seconds.

I cant wait to rip this stuff out in spring and burn $2000 worth of flooring.

I have andersons hickory handscraped in our main lake home... we are on a slab so engineered was the only way to go..

we went through a reputable dealer locally and love the flooring, its 3 years old and wearing great ! I believe the color is called cider?

wonderful flooring..

for our secondary home [also on a lake] we wanted a true hardwood as a slab wasnt an issue...

we cant believe what sh!t bellawoods products turned out to be.

its a joke really... we gave them all the necessary info they needed TO ACTUALLY REPLACE OUR FLOORING...WE WERE WELL WITHIN EVERY SPEC. PRIOR TO INSTALLATION AND l>l> STILL TOLD US TO GET BENT.




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