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09:07AM | 05/09/05
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I had a approx. 800 sq. feet of Mercier Brazilian cherry, Pre-finished, 3/4 inch solidwood floor installed in my livingroom, diningroom, foyer and office in February 2005. Within 1 month numerous boards (at least 20) began to develop cracking along the grain and on some, the finish is peeling where the cracks are. I immediately called the installer who came out and looked at it. He said he has never seen this occur before. He reported it to the store where it was purchased and they inturn contacted the supplier. A rep. came out on April 18th and said that what is happening is called something like ???"seasonal stress fracture" ???. He said it's from the wood swelling and contracting. He said it's very unusal for this to occur and there is no way to no if it's going to happen. He said he has never heard of this in a Mercier floor. My home is pretty much a controlled environment, with the humidity level at a constant 40-45 and temperature at around 70 F so I'm not sure I'm buying this reason for the floor problem. His solution was the rip out the problem boards, and surface nail new boards in it's place. This floor is a very smooth, shiney floor and I don't want numerous nail marks all over the place, I told him I will not settle for that solution. I told him I want the floor removed and a new one installed. Since the problem occurred within the first month, I feel the flooring is defective. He said he doesn't think Mercier would go for such a thing, but he would make a note of it in his report. Well this past Friday I spoke with owner of the store I purchased it from and was told that he heard back from the supplier that it would be OK the use a 2 part epoxy on the replacement boards instead of surface nailing. The owner of the store said that he wants that solution in writing before he would send the installer out to do that. All through the Mercier product info it says to not glue down this floor and I am very uncomfortable with this soultion, also.

My husband and I chose Mercier because it is supposed to be the top of the line product (it was pretty expensive) and has a 35 year warranty, but now I'm not so sure. Has anyone ever heard of this happening to a brand new floor and is Mercier's solution to fixing it sound right? Should I hire a professional flooring inspector and a lawyer and fight for a new floor. Any info. and suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


I have another 700 square feet of this flooring waiting to be installed in my upstairs but told the rep. that came out from Mercier that I want to return it if Mercier doesn't replace all of the down stairs. I don't want to have the same problem upstairs as I am downstairs.


04:25PM | 02/26/07
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I am an installer/sales of hardwood flooring. I sell Mercier and was told by the Mercier rep that this is a known problem because of a change in the sealer coat they were using for a period of time. I have 6 floors that need to be replaced completely because of this. Mercier is paying for the replacement. we would not take a board replacement as a means of fixing the issue because it was a known problem. we have stopped using and selling Mercier flooring because of this issue and the way they have handled themselves regarding this.


11:20AM | 03/21/07
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That's very interesting. Thanks for the information.


11:08AM | 03/23/07
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get your floor inspected by a certified independent hardwood flooring inspector.

if the factory/retialer wont have it inspected you can hire an independent inspector yourself.

you can search for flooring inspectors online

the inspector will supply a report and can be an expert witness in court if required, however, most retailers or manufacturers will act upon a certified independent inspectors findings most times without litigation.


There are two ways to do any job.

The right way and the wrong way.

Do it right everytime.




03:34PM | 05/03/16
This is exactly the same thing that happened to us;
brand new house, brand new floor, as soon as we saw the installed floor, [it was covered and dirty] so we weren't able to see the cracks until the floor was cleaned; your story is our story;
we have a complaint filed with the BBB in Halifax; the Eastern BBB has no jurisdiction in Quebec; so they can't do anything to help;
Try and file a complaint with the Quebec BBB, and they won't do assist with any complaints outside of Quebec;


06:01PM | 11/12/18
The shipment of my order was delayed by 2 weeks, which totally messed up project schedule and budget.
I had ever changing Oct 26, Oct 30, Nov 5, 6, 7 delivery dates, where the order finally arrived on Nov 8.
No explanation, no communication, nothing.

That's how dialog with so called "Post sales support" goes:
Me: Shipment of my order was delayed by 2 weeks, project out of schedule & budget.
PSS: Mercier doesn't guarantee any dates.
Me: But it was Mercier, who delayed the shipment, right?
PSS: Mercier doesn't guarantee any dates.
Me: Why didn't you notify distributor/retailer of the delay, so I can change project schedule accordingly?
PSS: Not our problem. Talk to your retailer.
Me: Did that. They had no communication from distributor. Spoke to distributor as well - no notification from Mercier either.
PSS: Not our problem. And Mercier doesn't guarantee any dates.

How is the above could be called "support"? Supporting who exactly?

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