Mounting Overhead Cabinets

Project: Miami Beach Condo, Episode 4, Part 4

Bob creates a semi-custom look with white cabinets featuring concealed hardware. Bob also demonstrates how a unique shared dining space can be formed with base cabinets that face in toward the kitchen.

The bedroom shower gets a wash of light and color thanks to vitreous glass tiles. A specialty tile grout is applied to make the tiles look like water cascading over the walls.
Part 1: Installing Kitchen Cabinets
Part 2: Installing Glass Tile in the Shower
Part 3: Installing a Floating Vanity Cabinet
Part 4: Mounting Overhead Cabinets
Bob and Brad Brewster of Princeton Custom Cabinetry oversee the installation of the overhead hanging cabinets in the new condo kitchen.

Brewster first shows Bob the full-box construction of the cabinets. Then, Brewster explains the wood tab used by the installers to hold the heavy cabinets in place while they're being attached to the wall.

Finally, Brewster shows Bob the no-screw hinge hardware from Blum that's used in these LesCare cabinets. The hinges are set into pre-drilled holes, pressed in securely, then closed with a self-clamping device that holds the hinges in place without screws or unsightly fasteners.
In this condo renewal project, Bob and the crew demonstrate how to use space, color, and choice finishes to make the most of a small space.

The kitchen is converted into an elegant dining space looking onto the living area, while a closet is transformed into a bar with recessed lighting and glass shelves. And the small bathroom turns into an oasis with luminous glass tile, a wash of color, and sleek new fixtures.

Pocket doors with an antique-look are installed so as to separate the living and sleeping spaces, and furniture is selected to reflect Miami's unique personality.

Finally, the outdoor space overlooking Biscayne Bay is made practical and, perhaps most importantly, comfortable.