10 American-Made Buys for Your Outdoor Living Area

Ready to celebrate America's independence with a front yard fireworks display? Before you stock up on firecrackers, miniature flags, and barbecue fixings, consider outfitting your outdoor space with something that's truly patriotic. For a start, click through our round-up these quality buys for the porch and patio—all made right here in the U.S.A. Not only are these products worth the hype in their own right, but they're part of an enduring legacy of American craftsmanship.

  1. Nags Head Hammocks

    Nags Head Hammocks

    From its one-store origins, Nags Head Hammocks has expanded to multiple locations in coastal North Carolina, along with an online storefront that ships nationwide. Even with growth, the company has maintained its approach. In fact, many Nags Head Hammocks are still made just as they were 40 years ago, when the business began. Expect made-to-last hardware, spreader bars of hand-varnished white oak, and soft yet weather-resistant DuraCord® rope. There are cheaper options, but perhaps none as comfortable or well-made. Available at Nags Head Hammocks; $159 - $169.

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  2. Ohio Flame Fire Pits

    Ohio Flame Fire Pits

    With a sculptural profile shaped by artisan metal workers in Northeast Ohio, the Patriot Fire Pit draws attention to itself as much as it lends the ambiance of flickering flames to summer nights. But most of all, homeowners appreciate the quality of the Patriot. For one thing, it comes with no small or moving parts—no parts whatsoever—that might wear out or to break. In fact, made of 100% heavy-gauge American steel, it's guaranteed to last a lifetime, even with year-round exposure to the elements and zero maintenance performed. Available at Ohio Flame; price varies by size.

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  3. Jeremy Exley Lawn Games

    Jeremy Exley Lawn Games

    Made by a small business in Minnesota, this outdoor tic tac toe set is big on charm. The birch wood game set is just one of the backyard amusements created by Snake Eyes Lawn Dice. Sturdy enough to stand up to outdoor wear, and sealed with a protective stain, this party favorite can keep the family entertained for years to come. Available at Uncommon Goods; $79.95.

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  4. Plow & Hearth Patio Swing

    Plow & Hearth Patio Swing

    Few regions can compete with the furniture-making prowess of North Carolina, which is where this four-season porch swing is crafted. Kiln-dried white oak makes for a weather- and rot-resistant surface, while the contoured backs provide full support to make outdoor lounging a treat. Available at Plow & Hearth; from $599.95.

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  5. All-American Pasttime

    PK Grill and Smoker

    Proudly manufactured in Arkansas for 60 years, this part-grill, part-smoker from Portable Kitchen has been favored by professional chefs and respected BBQ journalists alike nearly just as many decades for the even temperatures its cast aluminum construction provides. Rust-proof and portable, the charcoal grill withstands all of the elements, making it a perfect companion out back or on a camping trip. Available on Amazon; $369.99.

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  6. Best Seat In (and Out of) the House

    Manchester Wood Montauk Chair

    Built from slats of solid American ash hardwood and stained a honey brown, Montauk Chair from Manchester Wood boasts the timeless style and sense of the Adirondack region. And thanks to an acrylic finish and selection of rust-resistant hardware, you can enjoy these seats for many seasons to come without worrying about mildew or rust. Unfold this low-to-the-ground seat for a relaxing recline at the beach, around a bonfire, or squeezed indoors for a busy movie night. Available from Manchester Wood; $199.95.

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  7. Farmer D's Rectangular Planter Box

    Farmer D's Rectangular Planter Box

    Forgo cheap plastic or fragile ceramic outdoor planters and consider the handsome Farmer D's Planter Box instead. Handmade in Georgia from untreated red cedar, its raised legs and sturdy construction make it the perfect fit for a homegrown herb garden. Available at Wayfair; $133.99.

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  8. Floral Garden Oval Braided Rug

    Floral Garden Oval Braided Rug

    How many floor coverings can stand up to the foot traffic, sun, and rain that falls on a busy porch or patio? That's where this American-made braided rug from Plow and Hearth stands out. Perfect for both indoor and outdoor use, its reversible design comes in bright colors that won't fade in the sun, plus it is also mold- and mildew-resistant, meaning it will keep your outdoor space in style. Available at Plow and Hearth; from $10.95.

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