10 Compost Bins for Backyard Gardeners

Ready, set, compost! With one of these ten compost bins, your scraps will turn into black gold—homemade humus that is.

Turn your trash into black gold

backyard compost bins

Rethink smelly, messy compost heaps. Today’s composting takes this organic process to a whole new level—by which we mean cleaner, more efficient, and easy for everyone. With a compost bin that is well-designed to suit your home and garden, food scraps and yard waste will turn into rich humus in about two to six weeks. According to the EPA, food scraps and yard waste together make up nearly 30 percent of America garbage. So with a compost bin, you’ll be doing your part to shrink a third of our landfill waste and turn it into food for new blooms.

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Cedar Compost Bin

Cedar Compost Bin for Backyard

Fragrant cedar wood is rot-resistant, durable, sustainable, and beautiful. Each 125 gallon compost bin contains a slatted top and sides for perfect ventilation—allowing fresh air and rain to enter and speed up the composting process. Hinged access panels make adding waste and removing compost easy, as well as turning your compost for optimal results. Worried about raccoons and other critters? The bottom access panel locks tightly to keep your compost safe and intact. Available on Gardener's Supply Company; $249.

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Tumbler Compost Bin

Tumbler Compost Bin for Backyard

This breakthrough innovation—tumbling—makes composting easier and faster, even for beginners. The 8-sided, dual chamber creates perfect compost in as little as two weeks. Forget digging, turning, and mixing compost by hand. Simply add scraps through the removable door, close, and rotate the chamber five to six times, every two to three days. The two separate inner chambers allow one side to finish composting first, leaving the second chamber open for fresh food scraps and clippings. With a 37 gallon capacity and made of 100% post-consumer recycled polypropylene, the Tumbler is a composter for all. Available on Amazon; $89.99.


Worm Factory Composter

Worm Factory Compost Bin for Backyard

Don’t be put off by the name. The Worm Factory is an expandable composter, giving it an extra-large capacity without taking up much space. Each unit comes with four trays, but is expandable to eight trays (sold separately). You will also learn how to harness the all-natural power of worms, which not only break down waste, but add essential nutrients to your compost. Worm-digested compost promotes root growth and prevents disease in your plants. Each tray weighs as little as 12.5 pounds when full, making lifting and removing compost a cinch. Available on Amazon; $166.95.


Smart Pot Compost Sak™

Smart Pot Compost Sak for Backyard

Made of hard-wearing yet lightweight fabric, the Smart Pots Compost Sak is a low-impact alternative to traditional bins. Each sack contains micro-pores that provide constant air circulation and healthy drainage. Since the right levels of aeration and water are the magic ingredients to making good compost, the Compost Sak is extremely effective at its job—without heavy containers. An affordable, portable, and an easy way to get started with at-home composting, these sacks are also extra-large. Each sack has a 100 pound capacity, yielding up to 12 cubic feet of compost! Available on Gardener's Supply Company; $62.89.


Adjustable Compost Bin

Adjustable Compost Bin for Backyard

If you’re looking for a fast, easy way to get composting, the Geobin simplifies the task for you. These adjustable bins actually grow in size as your compost heap expands. They are designed with ventilation holes to increase airflow and speed up the decomposition of organic matter. Quick closure keys give you easy access, and ensure that compost isn’t tampered with by animals or other curious critters. Ideal for all skill levels, little set up or expert knowledge is required. With a large capacity expandable to 3.75 feet, Geobins are made of up to 50% recycled plastic—for a little added eco-cred. Available from The Home Depot; $37.71.


Classic Compost Bin

Classic Compost Bin for Backyard

Made of 100% BPA-free recycled material, Algreen’s classic composter will turn your waste into black gold in a few weeks’ time. Simply add food waste and clippings, you’ll have rich organic humus to spread in your garden in six to eight weeks. The locking, self-watering lid keeps pests out and air flowing to speed up the breakdown process. Easy to fill and with two sliding doors for simple compost removal, this robust bin has a 94 gallon capacity and comes with a 20 year manufacturer’s warranty. Available on Amazon; $85.68.


Metal Compost Bin

Metal Compost Bin for Backyard

If you’re looking for a low-profile, compact composter, Demeter’s metal bin is a good option. With a locking access door and a hinged removable lid, it’s easy to put in scraps and take out fresh compost. Ready to harvest? Simply secure the access door with a built-in metal bar, and transfer your compost to your yard or another container. Made of powder-coated galvanized steel, and with an 82 pound capacity, this bin looks good and is especially made for smaller yards. Available on Gardener's Supply Company; $169.


Mobile Compost Bin

Compost Bin on Wheels

A tumbling composter shortens the time it takes for organic matter to break down. This 50-gallon model is also smaller than many compost bins, and comes equipped with easy-to-move wheels. The heavy-duty steel frame and support stand keep it in position, and the twist-lock lid keeps unwanted bugs and animals out. Aeration holes are subtly positioned around the barrel and won’t let in too much rain. You can use this bin all year long. Available from Walmart; $244.27.


Countertop Compost Bin

Compost Bin for Counter

This snazzy white pail could be mistaken for a lunch bucket or cooler—but it is really a sleek countertop composter. With a 1.75 gallon capacity, turn your daily food scraps into compost without smells or mess. The smooth interior makes the bin very easy to clean, while the outer container will fit into any kitchen environment without taking up too much room or being an eyesore. The lid and handle are well-designed and leave no gaps for food to get caught or flies to gather. The lid is also removable for easy emptying. Position on a countertop and reduce your waste footprint for good. Available on Amazon; $29.95.


Pallet Compost Bin

DIY Compost Bin for Backyard

Beauty, sustainability, and the satisfaction of building it yourself? With this DIY compost bin, get all the benefits of store-bought containers, plus the joy of craftsmanship. Built entirely of repurposed shipping pallets, this wooden composter is ultra-ecofriendly, and a perfect daytime project with lasting results. It will also add a dose of color to your garden thanks to built-in lid planters—a bright reminder of the blooms your compost will be nourishing.


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10 Types of Compost Bins

There's a compost bin for you no matter your needs.


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