10 Compost Bins for Backyard Gardeners

Composting is one thing... how you manage it is another. If you're searching for the best compost bin to help you turn scraps into gardener's gold, look no further. Click through for some of the best models available today.

  1. Cedar Compost Bin

    Cedar Compost Bin

    Sometimes the best compost bin is the simplest, like this one made of Northern White Cedar, which weathers to a natural gray. Slats allow for air flow and are removable, making it easy to load and unload.

    Plow & Hearth

  2. Tumbler Autoflow Composter

    Tumbler Autoflow Composter

    This tumbler-style composter has an “Autoflow” design, which discharges finished compost into a separate chamber, while the remaining raw compost continues to break down. The rotating drum maximizes aeration, and the unit loads easily and locks up tight to keep out pests and wildlife.


  3. Worm Factory Composter

    Worm Factory Composter for Vermicomposting

    Let worms do the work for you! This stackable tray worm factory is made from recycled plastic. Put in your scraps, and the worms digest it into fertile compost. A perfect solution for small backyards.

    Great Green Gadgets

  4. Eco Bin Composter

    Fiskars Eco Bin Composter

    This collapsible composter from Fiskars is super-affordable. The mesh sides allow for good airflow, while a circular design eliminates stagnant pockets and helps to evenly distribute internal heat. The latching lid keeps wildlife and wind from disturbing the container.


  5. Indoor Composter

    Animula Indoor Composter

    Is it a space ship? No! It’s the Animula Indoor Composter. Even apartment dwellers can dice, mix, and aerate compost with the simple turning action of this diminutive unit. A scoop on the bottom dispenses compost and collects compost tea.


  6. Bio Monster Composter

    Bio Monster Composter

    The BioOrb Monster compost bin holds 23 cubic feet of composting material. Its black polyethylene construction absorbs heat, which speeds up decomposition, and the spherical design allows the bin to be rolled to wherever it’s needed. It closes securely to keep animals from doing anything more than playing soccer with it.


  7. Willow Compost Bin

    Willow Compost Bin

    This compost bin, constructed of willow, brings composting to a new level of attractiveness. And the bin itself is biodegradable. Fill it with leaves and garden waste, and the entire lot will rot down to rich compost in three years.

    Wind Rush Willow

  8. Upright Jumbo Composter

    Upright Jumbo Composter

    Add composting materials at the top and remove compost from the bottom with this 170-gallon jumbo-sized bin. The sun’s heat is absorbed by its dark color, and air slots ensure ventilation. All four sides have sliding panels to make removing compost easy.


  9. Barrel Compost Tumbler

    Barrel Compost Tumbler

    Made of a recycled wine barrel, this compost tumbler will hold 52 gallons of material. The thick, oak walls of the barrel provide insulation and help to retain moisture. A galvanized metal rod goes through the middle of the barrel to provide quick and easy tumbling action.

    Master Garden Products

  10. DIY Compost Bin

    DIY Compost Bin

    If you’re really on a budget, you can make your own compost bin out of a three- to five- gallon plastic storage bin. All you need are some drill holes for ventilation and some craft paint for decoration. Fill ‘er up, and you’re on your way to gardener’s gold!


  11. More on Composting?

    More on Composting?

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