10 DIYers Pick the Ultimate Mother's Day Gifts

Better than flowers, how about a gift that celebrates mom's passion and creativity? We asked some of our favorite crafty bloggers to help us make the right recommendations for DIY moms everywhere—click through to see all ten!

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  1. Leather Tool Bag

    Leather toolbag mother's day gift

    Every DIYer loves and values a great set of tools, but having that perfect tool bag or tool box to store them in makes all the difference in the world! There is just something stunning about a gorgeous well organized tool kit; it inspires and motivates you to want to create. What better gift could you wish for than something stylish, useful, and orderly? —Ursula, Home Made by Carmona

    Available at etwasbags.com; $380.


  2. Spray Paint Gun

    Critter spray gun mother's day gift

    My family jokes that they better keep moving, because if they stand still too long they are bound to get painted. Paint is such a quick and easy way to give a clean slate to just about anything! I'd love to get my hands on such a small spray gun as the Critter Spray Gun—it would open up all kinds of paint color possibilities for DIY projects. —Ashley, Under the Sycamore

    Available on Amazon; $50.


  3. AirStrike Cordless Crown Stapler

    Airstrike cordless crown stapler mother's day gift

    Ok, for Mother's Day, I would love to get an AirStrike Cordless Crown Stapler. I have a cordless nail gun and it makes DIY projects so much easier. I can only imagine how easy this stapler would make upholstery projects! —Jenna, Rain on a Tin Roof

    Available at Amazon; $175.


  4. Mouse Sander

    Mouse sander mother's day gift

    As a DIY addict, one of my favorite material to work with is wood. So my dream gift for Mother's Day is a sander—well, ideally I would love to get two: a sheet sander, perfect for large flat surfaces, and a mouse sander to detail small areas! —Ama, Ohoh Blog

    Available on Amazon; $69.


  5. Powered Handsaw

    Powered handsaw mother's day gift

    I would love to have a powered handsaw. We only have a big miter saw, and I have to admit that I don't touch that without my husband being present. For smaller projects, it'd be nice to have a handsaw handy! —Aniko, Place of My Taste

    Available at Amazon; $91.


  6. Kreg Jig

    Kreg jig mother's day gift

    I would like to get a Kreg Jig with an "IOU" for a workday in our dining room. Ha! I'm wanting to build a built-in window seat there, and the Kreg Jig and some extra help could knock it out in a day. —Ashley, Bigger Than the Three of Us

    Available on Amazon; $125.


  7. Wine Barrel Planter

    Wine barrel planter mother's day gift

    I would, of course, love anything handmade from my kids—that just has so much more meaning than anything store-bought. But, if my husband wants to get me anything, he knows to go straight to Home Depot for lumber or a paint sprayer. I'm decorating my patio, so a wine barrel planter would be appreciated, too! —Alicia, Thrifty and Chic

    Available at Plow & Hearth; $40.


  8. Jig Saw

    Jig saw mother's day gift

    My perfect Mother's Day gift would be a new jigsaw! My old one bit the dust a few months ago, and I need it for smaller DIY projects that require small cuts. Next on the list: I plan on cutting out a few wooden letters for an upcoming makeover. —Jessica, Four Generations One Roof

    Available on Amazon; $240.


  9. Raised Garden Bed & Plants

    Raised garden bed mother's day gift

    As a DIY-loving Mom what I would love the most for Mother's Day would be a raised garden bed (or wood to build my own!) and lots of plants to fill it up. Mother's Day always falls right in the perfect planting season, and gifts for the garden keep giving all summer and into fall! —Melissa, The Happier Homemaker

    Available at Plow & Hearth; $150.


  10. Sugar Scrubs

    Burts bees sugar scrub mother's day gift

    My perfect Mother's Day gift would include anything that I can use to treat myself; sugar scrubs, bath salts, and a collection of pretty nail polishes are among my favorites, With two kids and a long to-do list, I don't get a whole lot of "me time," so when I do have the time, I like to relax, unwind, and pamper myself. —Kelly, Here Comes the Sun

    Available on Amazon; $9.


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