10 Easy Ways to Bring Beach Style to Your Landlocked Home

Coastal style is more than a home decorating trend; it's a bright and breezy feeling that many of us associate with some of our fondest memories. And, one of the great benefits of sand and sea-inspired decor is that you don’t need a waterfront home to enjoy it. No matter what the actual latitude and longitude of the place you call home, bringing a bit of the beach into your home comes down to personal taste. You may prefer some cottage charm, expressed with soft fabrics, subtle blue-green hues and simple coastal accents. Or perhaps a vibrant nautical theme with crisp whites and navy blue is more your style. Here are ten ideas to get you ready to sail.

Classically Coastal

Nautical Decor

Perhaps the most classic of the coastal looks, white furnishings with nautical accents will treat you right every time. Patterned pillows in blue pop against the slipcovered couch, while tastefully arranged pieces of driftwood, shells, and other decorative accents bring the room together.


Seaside Simplicity

Beach House Bathroom

Something as simple as a bath cabinet can make you feel like you're always in beach mode. A distressed finish brings a rustic, windswept feel to the room—while the cabinet's contents display just a few of life's simplicities. No-fuss white washcloths play the functional role; other seaworthy findings are there just to make you smile.


Lobster Love

Beach Kitchen Decor

Transform your kitchen into a beachside seafood shanty with a whimsical statement piece like this iron lobster. A brightly-painted rack above the sink provides a resting place for fun vintage plates, a few period cookbooks, or your favorite seaside memorabilia.


Learn the Ropes

Rope Suspended Beds

Beachy decor doesn't always come in shades of blue. This taupe-colored room has a coastal flair all it's own, with nautical rope-suspended bunk beds providing a subtle—but distinct—salute to the sea. This rope trick is easier than it looks; the bottom bed is not only anchored to the wall, but has leg supports beneath.  The bed above, is secured to the wall on two sides, requiring only a corner rope support.


Beachside Bungalow

Beachy Living Room

Shabby chic, rustic, cottage-style decor—whatever you call it, it's striking. Layered whites in every shape and form make a room look both lovely and lived in—and awaiting your return from a day at the beach. Achieve this look yourself by mixing a few staple pieces together with some of your more fortunate flea market finds.


South Beach Style

South Beach Bedroom

This streamlined bedroom is dressed almost entirely in white, except for a beautiful turquoise paint on a single wall—and soft blue bedding. The result is a clean look that will make you feel like the ocean is only steps from your door.

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Show Your Stripes

Painted Striped Floor

It's not just the color scheme that makes a decorating style feel beachy. Wide stripes—especially in sun washed blue and white—add a distinctly coastal character to any room. Choose an oversized jute or sisal throw rug, or you can even paint stripes directly underfoot with an oil-based floor paint.


Sunny Disposition

Yellow Upholstered Chairs

Summery fabrics help bring the light and airy feeling of the beach into your home. Like these cheery yellow and pale green upholstered chairs—which may inspire you to cook like you're on vacation every day of the week. A fresh farmer's market salad or batch of homemade lemonade, anyone?


Cottage Grace

Cottage Style Bedroom

An eclectic blend of pieces from different periods and design genres can result in a uniquely coastal style. From an ornate chandelier to the decidedly rustic barn doors used as the headboard, this cottage bedroom channels the simple, superb lifestyle found at the beach.

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Bring the Beach to You

Bring Outdoor Decor Inside

Typically outdoor-only elements will make any indoor space feel like a seaside retreat. Wooden boat paddles, all-weather Adirondacks, a striped cotton throw pillow or two. To really get the message across, you can even add a sign pointing to the beach... so what if it's a plane ride away?


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