10 Gadgets to Make Yours the Best BBQ on the Block

With summer barbecue season almost upon us, don't miss these great gadgets to make your backyard cookouts the envy of every grilling gourmand in your neighborhood.

Wireless Hot Spot

Grill Thermometer

Get the Grill Right Wireless Talking Thermometer (from Oregon Scientific), and you won't need to monitor meats as they cook. This handy device, which operates up to 330 feet away from the grill, displays the current meat temperature on a digital LCD screen. (It also "speaks" the temperature in five different languages). You can grab an Adirondack chair and relax until your steak is ready. 

amazon.com; $38.21


Put Your Stamp On It

BBQ Branding Iron

With the Classic BBQ Branding Iron (from Frontgate), you can put your stamp on every piece of meat you grill. Alternatively, apply this stainless steel brand to wood or leather surfaces in your home improvement projects.

frontgate.com; $59.50


Steam Heat

Grill Brush

Spend your time cooking, not cleaning, with the Motorized Grill Brush (from Brookstone)—no arduous scrubbing or hazardous chemicals required. This cleverly designed gadget features a push-button spray mist that instantly turns to steam on a hot grill, while the brass-bristle brush works to eliminate caked-on grease and grime.

brookstone.com; $29.99


Belt One Out

BBQ Tool Belt

Perhaps the ultimate grilling accessory—and a great gift item—the Pit Boss Pro BBQ Tool Belt (made in the USA) comes with a die-cast belt buckle, two carabiners for attaching grill tools to the belt, a bottle opener on a retractable reel, and two "Chow Towels" to help keep things clean.

pitbossbelt.com; $79.97


Turn Up the Heat

Grill Glove

Wear the Pitt Mitt Grill Glove to keep your hand, wrist, and forearm out of harm’s way. Lined in soft, comfortable cotton and textured in silicone for a no-slip grip, this washable glove is made from a special aramid fiber, which enables you to handle burning-hot items safely.

jcpenney.com; $40


Pinpoint Precision

Grill Hook

Quickly and precisely turn even heavy cuts of meat on the grill with this 18"-long, stainless steel Grill Hook, which boasts a soft-grip handle and is safe to put in the dishwasher.

sears.com; $23.23


The Perfect Foursome

Grill Basket

Grill and flip four burgers at once with the Hamburger Grilling Basket. Compatible with gas and charcoal grills alike, the dishwasher-safe, non-stick basket features a rosewood handle and measures 10.28" x 21.54". That leaves enough room on the grill surface for you to cook some vegetables, too!

target.com; $11.89


Bucket O' Suds

Drink Tub

Keep a supply of cold drinks within easy reach of your patio lounger. Built of sturdy, rust-resistant iron, these attractive outdoor beverage tubs provide ample storage for soda, beer, and bottled water. Both the top bucket and lower serving tray are removable, which makes stocking up—and cleaning up—easier.

pier1.com; $69.95


Salty Goodness

Salt Slab

Impart a delicate salty flavor to any dish with Himalayan Pink Salt Slabs. Available in various shapes and sizes, these slabs can be heated to extremely high temperatures that sear quick-cooking foods (thinly sliced meats, fish, vegetables). Or the slabs can be chilled to serve sushi, cold meats, cheese, fresh fruits or desserts.

saltworks.us; $16.95 and up


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