10 New Perennials to Perk Up Your Garden

Add excitement to your flower beds this spring by planting standout varieties from 2013's crop of new perennials.

  1. Perennials

    New Perennials

    Don't forget your old standbys, but if you have a gap to fill in your garden, try planting one of the standout varieties from 2013's crop of new perennials—impressive in their color and their exceptionally long bloom time.

  2. ‘Pretty Lady Diana’ Anemone

    Pretty Lady Diana Anemone

    Blooms of Bressingham, a breeder in Japan, has introduced an unusually compact variety of anemone that looks great in borders or containers and boasts a rich pink hue. USDA zone: 5


  3. ‘Tuscan Sun’ Heliopsis

    Tuscan Sun Heliopsis

    Developed for its disease-resistance and lasting, golden flowers, ‘Tuscan Sun’ depends on lots of light to bloom from mid- to late summer. USDA zones: 3-9


  4. ‘Autumn Sunburst’ Azalea

    Autumn Sunburst Azalea

    Known for breeding azaleas that bloom through spring, summer, and fall, Encore released this dwarf azalea with white-ruffled coral pink blooms in fall 2012, but now is the time to settle it into your landscape. USDA zones: 6-9


  5. ‘Apple Slice’ Dianthus

    Apple Slice Dianthus

    Light pink deepening to red—that special color makes this fragrant dianthus a splendid addition to Proven Winner’s FRUIT PUNCH line. Plant ‘Apple Slice’ in full sun and expect some butterflies to visit. USDA zones: 4-9


  6. ‘Pink Chiffon’ Aster

    Pink Chiffon Aster

    The KICKIN series of asters is known for being easy to grow, and with its busy shape and late-season pastel blooms, ‘Pink Chiffon’ fits right in. USDA zones: 5-11


  7. ‘Midnight Marvel’ Hibiscus

    Midnight Marvel Hibiscus

    This hibiscus’s rose-purple blooms, which appear in spring and summer, are matched in intensity only by the fiery orange that its leaves turn in fall. USDA zones: 5-8


  8. ‘Mercury Rising’ Coreopsis

    ‘Mercury Rising’ Coreopsis

    Wine-red flowers will delight pollinators, not to mention those who appreciate vigorous growth and disease-resistance. USDA zones: 5-9


  9. ‘Plum Passion’ Hydrangea

    ‘Plum Passion’ Hydrangea

    The first-ever purple-leaved hydrangea, this deciduous shrub grows in full to partial shade and features unique foliage graced by lacecap flowers. USDA zones: 7-10


  10. ‘Superblue’ Lavender

    ‘Superblue’ Lavender

    Unusually heat- and humidity-tolerant, this lavender’s deep indigo color pleases the eyes as its scent does the nose. Keep the blooms in your garden or dry them for an aromatic reminder of summer. USDA zones: 5-8


  11. ‘Ballerina Ruffles’ Helleborus

    ‘Ballerina Ruffles’ Helleborus

    There’s no better way to welcome spring than with this double-flowered and rosy pink hellebore, of the WINTER THRILLERS collection. Settle it in moist woodland areas and watch it spread. USDA zones: 6-9


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