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10 Over-the-Top Ways to Pamper Your Pet

Whether you are a cat or dog lover, you want your pet to feel special. Here are ten ways to pamper your four-legged companion to excess.

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Lucky Lucky

Sean McCoy

How much would you pay to pamper your pet? In the case of the final bidder for this guinea-pig-size suit of armor: $24,300. The battle garb was created by Sean McCoy for his now-deceased guinea pig, Lucky, and was sold at an eBay auction last weekend to benefit Metropolitan Guinea Pig Rescue. If you are looking to show your own pet some extraordinary love, grab your credit card and get shopping.

Princess Pooch

Is your dog royalty? Then the Fairytale Dog House is the perfect pooch palace. Made of premium varnished wood, it comes complete with turrets and a convenient lid on the back for interior housekeeping. Each castle is custom-built and includes a certificate of authenticity. At; from approximately $2,680.

See Spot Run

Keeping trim isn’t just a concern for humans—pups also want to look their best when they hit the dog park. In case you’re too busy to take Spot for a run, Pet Zen has designed this treadmill to help your dog stay in shape. Place it next to your own treadmill for indoor buddy runs. At; $489.89.

Purr-sonal Trainer

Fluffy shouldn’t be left behind when it comes to fancy home gym equipment. The Toy-Go-Round, by the Cat Wheel Company, corrects this imbalance. Made of recycled plastic with a sturdy metal stand, the hamster-wheel-like drum gives inquisitive cats the opportunity to enjoy exercise. With the wheel’s tiger-stripe decals, your feline is certain to feel the call of the wild. At; $375.

Ruff Rider

Climbing up the stairs is sometimes just not an option for canines on the older and rounder side. Currently a prototype, this doggie stairlift is designed with that problem in mind. A paw-print button near the base starts the unit; the dog then climbs into the basket, which lifts off the ground and travels the length of any staircase. In just a few moments, your dog is at the top of the stairs with minimal effort. Slated to retail at $8,000.



For dog owners who never like their beloved pets to be out of their sight, Honda came up with this prototype, called the W.O.W., for the 2005 Tokyo Motor Show. The built-in dashboard carrier lets the driver have convenient hands-free access to his furry copilot. But it’s only a prototype, so for now, dedicated pet owners will simply have to deal with their canine backseat drivers. 

British Aristo-cat

Padded arms and back, and a polished, acrylic-spray-painted Scots pine base—complete with carved molding and solid claw-and-ball legs—makes this one comfy kitty throne. The mattress is covered in cotton denim fabric, detailed with the Union Jack. This limited-edition pet bed comes with a signed certificate of authenticity and polished brass identification plate. At; approximately $840.

Sparkly Clean

After creating a human-size Swarovski-crystal-studded bathtub, designer Lori Gardner took it upon herself to ensure that man’s best friend receive the same treatment. The Baby Diamond Bathtub is the perfect size for smaller breeds and comes in several colors. With more than 4,000 crystals covering the outside of the tub, your pup is sure to emerge sparkly clean. At; $3,800.

Up, Up, and Away!

Even if your dog doesn’t have the smarts to alert you that little Timmy has fallen down a well, he’d still like to feel like a hero. With the Superman Collar, your dog can look like a superhero—without the hero complex. Crafted of black latigo leather and stainless steel, each collar is custom-made to your dog’s measurements. At OLICOLLARS on; $165.76.

Mod Pod

The Rondo
cat stand is designed for both play and rest. It lets cats fulfill their desire to play, sharpen their claws on the special scratch covers, sleep, and, of course, climb. With a sturdy stainless steel base, it provides a lofty perch even for larger cats. This leather version is definitely for the coolest cat in the place. At; $1,495.

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