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10 Stunning Showers to Give You Bathroom Envy

Showering doesn’t have to be a chore! By mixing comfort with visually-striking design, these showers deliver a luxurious look and experience.

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Twists and Turns

Artistic, odd, and even otherworldly, the Sculpture showerhead by Vado offers a highly customizable bathing experience. The movable “tentacles” can be twisted into any position to create a comfortable shower tailored to your individual needs.

Mood Lighting

Most showerheads are made of a single shade of metal. The Colore showerhead by Ponsi breaks the mold with its soft, silicon shell that emits LED light in nine colors. Easily choose a color to fit your different moods, whether you’re seeking relaxation or invigoration.

Two Showers in One

Can’t decide on a hand held or shower head? No need to with Delta’s smart, multi-purpose In2ition Two-in-One Shower. Enjoy them together or singly. Its unique H2O kinetic technology sculpts water into wave patterns that make it feel like it’s spraying more water than it actually is. A win for style and water conservation.

Spa Inspired

Terra Marique is a distinct wood showerhead by Rare that evokes a spa-like feeling with its simple, natural shape. Silicone tubes pass the water through the wood without damaging it, and the showerhead only allows a flow of six liters per minute, making it both stylish and eco-friendly.

Classic Yet Current

The Axor Montreux by Hansgrohe is a beautiful, simple showerhead that sports a thermostatic valve with integrated volume and temperature control. Its round showerhead and long pipe body evoke a classic style reminiscent of fine European hotels.

Double the Fun

The GROHE Freehander is a unique, sculptural mounted fixture featuring two rotating shower heads that can also be locked into place. Both showerheads come with a pulsing feature and a SpeedClean anti-lime scale system. Sleek and customizable.

Options Galore

The Fresca Verona stainless steel shower massage panel offers multiple types of water streams: a large rain shower, a handheld shower, four swiveling water jets, and a water spout at the bottom for filling a bathtub. This fixture comes with a thermostatic valve that controls pressure and temperature, taking the term “relaxing shower” to a whole new level.

Comfort at Hand

The Pfister Kenzo handshower kit includes an architecturally sleek hand-held shower with a metal hose and mounting hardware. Paired with the matching square shower head, this handshower streams water from two directions for the ultimate rinse.

Waterfall Wonder

The Hudson Reed Mix waterfall shower panel produces a blade of water that cascades over its top. Six additional body jets and a handset create an immersive experience. The panel comes in a gun metal finish that delivers a sophisticated look. Easily the centerpiece of any bathroom.

On the Flipside

The Aquavolo Shower by Bossini is a stainless steel fixture that converts from a waterfall shower to a rainshower by simply flipping a lever. The multifunctional design offers different options to enjoy, while allowing for maximum comfort.