10 Top DIY Pipe Fitting Projects

Plumbing may be best left in the hands of a pro, but getting creative with pipe fittings is a DIY project that can yield surprising results. Here are ten designs that raise the bar.

By Chris Gardner | Updated Aug 18, 2015 01:13 PM

Pipe Table Legs

DIY Table

Make a completely upcycled table with pipe and reclaimed wood. With enough wood, you can build side table, a coffee table, or even a dining room table with ease. Black pipe works particularly well for this project.

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Desk Lamp

DIY Desk Lamp

When combined with a basic lamp kit from your local hardware store, pipe can easily be made into an interesting custom desk lamp. Galvanized pipe gives this lamp a refined industrial edge.

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Pipe Clothing Rack

DIY Clothes Rack

Many a commercial laundry room is outfitted with a plumbing-pipe clothes rack. Embrace the look at home by creating a closet anywhere; simply install pipe flanges in the ceiling or wall studs and connect your pipes. Voila!

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DIY Desk

An affordable desk is more than just a pipe dream! Making a desk with pipe and salvaged wood is a simple and low-cost project. If you're feeling adventurous, forgo the wood and place a glass top on the pipe base.

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Curtain Rod

DIY Curtain Rod

Installing galvanized pipe as a curtain rod can save you lots of money, and you can have it cut to any size you need. Even better—because it's a pipe, you never have to worry about sagging curtain rods again. Just be sure to secure them to wall studs.

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DIY Bookcase

Opt for an affordable wall-sized bookcase by making one out of pipe. Fasten it to the wall studs to ensure your books and collectibles are securely displayed.

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Miniature Bookcase

Pipe Bookcase

Don't have a library's worth of books? Try multiple shorter shelves to display your favorite tomes. Mount them on the wall in a step pattern for added appeal.

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Pot Rack

DIY Pot Rack

Copper pipe's warm feel makes it a perfect material for an inexpensive and functional pot rack full of kitchen storage options.

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Magazine Rack

DIY Magazine Rack

Big on organization and small on effort, this pipe magazine rack is an ideal addition to any home with magazine enthusiasts. Its vertical design makes it particularly useful where space is at a premium.

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Pipe Coat Hooks

Pipe Coat Hooks

If some of these projects look too industrial for your taste, consider a few simple flanges and elbows to serve as a coat rack in your entryway or utility room. 

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